County leaders say commission investigations are slowing budget progress

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell said, “We must very soon get our tax rate established and get our budget finalized and move into the fiscal year.”

Luttrell says that’s not happening because commissioners don’t even know who can vote. The board voted Henri Brooks out for not living in her district.

Now Justin Ford is under investigation for the same thing.

Luttrell said, “Right now these issues are distracting us from being able to run an efficient government.”

He hopes everything gets straightened out in court quickly. But that’s just to figure out who is on and who is off commission.

Brooks may also face criminal charges for lying about her address.

District Attorney General Amy has recused herself from that scenario.

“If and when there are charges that come from this latest chapter, that is not an issue our office will be handling.”

A district attorney from another part of West Tennessee will make that decision.

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton’s son Andre represents Brooks and is working to stop any possible charges.

His wife is part of her campaign team for juvenile court clerk, and there’s a sign supporting her in the mayor’s yard.

But Wharton claims, “I don’t just go around dipping in other people’s Kool Aid.”

On Wednesday, Wharton once again told WREG it’s a county issue and he’s got enough problems to worry about.

“I’m just like every other citizen we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Brooks is due back in court on Thursday.


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