Man critically injured in Fox Meadows shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is in critical condition after an overnight shooting at a Fox Meadows apartment complex.

Police say the 24-year-old victim was shot just after 3 a.m. Tuesday at the Eden at Watersedge Apartments on Mendenhall Road south of Mt. Moriah Road.

Police believe the man was shot after getting into a fight with another man.

So far, police haven’t released any information about the gunman.

Anyone with information on this shooting should call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.


  • blakspartan

    Its sad that the city of memphis allowed the hood to move into the middle class neighborhoods I remember fox meadows was a peaceful place to live, now it’s just a ghetto now. It all started when memphis came under black leadership under the tyranny of willie herenton

  • Jim

    Fox Meadows/Hickory Hill is a hood where blacks shoot or stab other blacks daily. Most never make the news. Even black county council members, Henri Brooks and Justin Ford choose to live in white neighborhoods, while pretending to live in their black districts. But oh, how their ignorant, uneducated supporters continue to vote for them again and again. They don’t call Memphis, Little Detroit for nothing. Everyday more and more educated whites and blacks move out of Memphis and can you blame them. Memphis is very, very, dangerous.

  • John T. Dwyer

    Blaming the politician or some other outside source is irrelevant.
    I want to know what this young man who was shot, was doing out at 3AM, arguing with another man.
    I want to know what he has accomplished up to this point in his life. I want to know who the people are who helped, or did, raise him. I want to know how he did in school, how he did in sports, how he did at his job, how he contributed to his family and himself, toward a better future and life.
    I want to know the same thing about the man who shot him.

    In this hedonistic, consumerist, narcisstic civilisation, we have become accustomed to the idea that there are “waste” people. And this is terribly wrong and immoral.

    Only the undertakers, trauma surgeons and others in the related fields, are profiting off of this situation.

    PS to George: Has their been a cost analysis done regarding a person shot and treated at the Med, or even to the point of one of the funeral homes?
    I dare say we all have an interest in the money “bleeding” out in these situations, and an interest in stopping it!

    • Don

      Very well said,
      It seems that not many things go on in Memphis in the before 3 AM, but nothing is good is after 3 am.
      I am surprised the PD had an officer to send that didn’t have the blue flu.

  • hank wesson

    best way to avoid an arguement is to simply walk away that way they can have a conversation all by themself then you have time to prepare for the next time

    • The Real Nonya

      Maybe he works for FedEx and their shifts at the airport run around that time. So maybe he had a reason to be out there. Law abiding gun owners rarely run after shooting someone so there is a good chance that the gun owner was a perp.

      You should arm yourself and shoot first, then clam up! Wait for your lawyer.

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