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Former contract music teacher at Cordova church jailed on child sex abuse charges

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- A former church music teacher is in jail, charged with a child sexual offense involving a family member.

Matthew Williams is being held on a $500,000 bond.

The 28-year-old was under contract as a piano and vocal teacher at Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova when he was arrested June 25th.

A spokesperson with Hope Church said Williams's contract was terminated immediately.

The spokesperson said Williams didn't belong to the church and none of the alleged sexual incidents happened at Hope Presbyterian Church.

Williams started teaching classes in September 2013 and would hold classes three days a week in the church's Music Academy.

Tuesday, the church spokesperson told News Channel 3 the church did an extensive background check on Williams before he came to work. That background check included running his name through a national data base,  a sex offender registry and even looking for possible aliases, but no criminal record or any suspicious results came up.

The stringent background check was the same as Hope conducts on "all employees, contract labor and volunteers."

In a statement sent to News Channel 3, the church said, "We are saddened at this news. We as a church lift the victim and family in our prayers."

Collierville police would not comment on the charges against Matthew Williams or confirm his next scheduled court appearance because the alleged crimes involve a minor and their investigation is ongoing.


  • Keith

    I think it is sickening that you would attempt to get a comment at his family’s house. As if they aren’t going through enough right now.

  • James Masonne

    Well what do you expect when the Presbyterian church has embraced the homosexual/immorality life style for its membership. Their leadership has decided to follow Satan and submerse their followers further into sin.

    • Pam

      What does this have to do with homosexuals, nothing. What about all the good Baptist and Catholics committing adultery and getting divorces, don’t you remember the bible said those are sins too? Or do you only use the convenient parts of the bible….

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    There is no magical fairy god… Instead of living your life as a lackey to something so fake, live your life the way you want to live it. Because when you are in the ground, that’s it. You don’t go to a magical land – that’s for the care bears.

    • Cam Davis

      So says the brave atheist too afraid to use the name given by his/ her parents.

      Williams is innocent until proven guilty.

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