County opens investigation into Commissioner Justin Ford’s residency

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- The county has opened an investigation into Commissioner Justin Ford's residency, according to the county attorney.

Ford represents District 3, along with Sidney Chism and James Harvey.

He listed his address at the a Fairway apartment complex. It's in his name, but hasn't had power connected for two-and-a-half years.

Commissioner Steve Mulroy said, "One thing that apparently is undisputed is that Commissioner Ford has an apartment in the district, and has been paying rent on that apartment. The apartment is in his name."

Mulroy added he doesn't think this is quite the same as Henri Brooks. He asked if the commission could hold an executive session to get caught up on everything.

"County commissioners are finding out about what's happening with the litigation and what's likely to happen from media," he said.

There was a meeting set yesterday, but Commissioner Heidi Shafer asked that it be called off. She says there's no sense in trying to hurry up this process.

"This is a painful issue. We don't want to look as we are trying to railroad someone out of their position."

Shafer also said she's sick of the drama.

"It's a little bit like going to Thanksgiving dinner with a family you don't necessarily get along with every week."

Brooks was recently ousted from the County Commission for not living in the district she represented.

She has since filed a lawsuit against the county to challenge her removal.


  • Lady Elle

    It’s only fair that they investigate him also since he may/or may not be guilty of the same charges as Henri Brooks. But, I am sure that they are probably not the only ones…

      • Laterrica

        Henri and Justin can stays wherevery they wants fool. Stop the haten. They represent US not you.

      • Joe

        @ Latterica: you’re not a fan of looking at facts, are you? Yes they can say what they want, but they’re saying it to the voters who voted them in (at least the first time) and if they had permanent residency in their district they wouldnt have issues and have to accuse it of being “ole whitey out to get them.”

      • langor1

        @laterrica It doesn’t matter who they represent or their color, they still have to adhere to election law which is plenty clear on this matter. Mail drops and apartments with no utilities cannot be your residence. I’m for getting rid of all election law violators regardless of color.

    • blahblahblah

      Wasn’t there another Ford that had this same issue? claiming he lived at the funeral home, but really didn’t?

    • Sheila

      Rent an apt in the hood, don’t move in or turn on the electricity…and LIVE in the county….brilliant. When they come to investigate…hey the apt is in your name…right? Get nasty with the press, say it aint none of their business where you live. Your stupid, uneducated, ignorant community will always stand behind you, right, Ms. Brooks. Gotta stop them lectronic lynchings….know what im sayen. Come to the rally, lot’s of free balloons for the kids.

  • Bill Zebub

    I treid to get James Harvey’s itenerary to ask him what he thinks about all this and I can’t get it touch with him. Does anyone know his e-mail address. Mr. Harvey is the Boss of this group and he’s ultimatley responcible for the lack of ingerity his department has with the community it serves. Perhaps we should call for his resignation. Once you get rid of Brooks and Ford, you can hit the Trifecta with Mulroy, he’s not innocent on this type of matter either.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      bill zebub, just put james harvey shelby county county.commissioner in ur search eng. find out all kinds of things about him. not actually stated, but u can figure out all kinds of way to reach him and theres AN email addy and ph# at the bottom.

    • Howard Stern

      How is he an upstanding guy? Clearly, he doesn’t live at the address he provided to get elected to his position. How can you live in a place for over two years with no utilities? Then, out of the blue, he tries to get the utilities turned on at the address the day the investigation of Henri Brooks residency issue was launched. What’s up with that??? Then, when questioned, he says he owes no one an explanation. How the heck can you say you don’t owe the constituents you were elected to represent an explanation??? And from what I understand, Ford couldn’t pass a drug test if his life depended on it.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    OOOOOOWEEEE TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!! ROFL!! and because.WREG wasnt allowed to be IN the rally, I wouldnt doubt but what THEY make some calls.

  • Terrie

    As I have said before, Wharton could gather all these salaries of these crooked friends of his and solve the tax problem !!! But he’s shown what a wuss he is. Afraid of his wife & friends with all these people. Talk about don’t ask, don’t tell!


    Please, SOMEBODY in Nashville, FBI etc with authority, send the goon squad to Memphis and seize every book or record from every city and county official’s office, padlock every door, and put these sorry a$$ thieves where they belong.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    dont worry,shafer, there are ppl who are gonna take care of brooks, ford, U and others. u dont wanna make It look lIke ur tryIng to raIlroad someone outta theIr posItIon? dont.worry, honey, plenty ppl who arent afraId to do that job (for u). just get ready for the drama ur sIck.and tIred of.because.WE, THE PUBLIC, ARE FED UP WITH ALL THE LIES!

  • Johnny

    Ford and Brooks do not live in their districts and should be removed from their positions. Prediction: Ford and Brooks will be back in their positions in no time. Ford pays rent on an apt in his district and he will get a pass and The black judge will rule in Brooks favor this week, using legal wrangling to get her back to her seat. Write it down.

    • MOM

      We definitely should all stand up and do something about it should this happen. It doesn’t matter who pays the rent at a place in “his district”; I believe the law states he must RESIDE in that district, hence “represent” Laterrica and the other US she referred to above.

  • HenribrooksSUPPORTER

    Here they go AGAIN on a “profiling” spree….isn’t there MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO DEAL WITH?? AND ALL

    • langor1

      Election fraud is a very big issue since it strikes at the heart of representative government. There is no race in election fraud, all people are harmed by it.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    even If ford has an apt In hIs namr, pd the rent on an apt to make It appear he lIves at an address requIred to get the posItIon he holds but utIlItIes havent been on In 2 and 1/2 half yrs, another blatant lIe! another thIef stealIng from taxpayers. another thIef lIvIng hIgh.on the hog at taxpayers expense!

    • Hard Truths

      Because apparently all the white commissioners live in the districts that elected them.

      Unlike your esteemed Ms. Brooks. Ford, I just don’t know, but we all know WHAT Henri Brooks IS.

      And you should be ashamed for defending her.

    • langor1

      Fine, investigate them all… and get rid of ALL of them that are guilty of election fraud regardless of color. I bet you won’t be happy at the outcome.

      • Paul Fischer

        And my suspicions is that the elected officials not living in their district are going to be minority and democrat if they’re correct. If I am wrong, I would be the first to apologize which is far more than the ethically challenged Brooks, Ford and their supporters would ever be able to do.

  • I Love Pink Tacos

    You got to admit it, he’s gonna get out of this. He WAS payng rent on the apartmant. and therein lies the loop hole. If the take this to court about the power being off for 2 years, he can just say he’s one of those weirdos that does not believe in using public utilities. There is no case here. Memphis is going to have to take a “L” on this one.

    • MOM

      Oh think again. We don’t have to take what we don’t choose to take. Paying rent/utilities does not equate to RESIDE.

  • JoBuggs

    Race doesn’t matter when you not upholding the law! The ppl that elected you to represent them reside in that area and you should too! Maybe the area is too poverish for them to live and if thats the case then they don’t need to be in this type of employment (County Commission). I hate how Memphis has ppl who are able to be in postions for so many years it’s a pro and con because these ppl get so comfortable that stop working for the ppl. I actually thought that Wharton was going to be a good mayor but that totally went out the window. If the Shelby County Mayor Luttrell (Mispelled? lol) can go without a salary Wharton should to.

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