Two men with only three working legs between them try to rob gun store

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are on the hunt for two men who they say used sledgehammers to try and break into Guns and Ammo on Summer Avenue. They say one of the men had only one working leg.

The men didn't steal anything, or even get into the building.

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects has either a broken or prosthetic leg and is using a crutch. However, that didn't stop him and another man from trying to smash the store's brick wall with sledge hammers earlier this month.

"How are your going to try and break into something when you can barely walk?" Memphis resident Deanna Dodd asked, shaking her head and laughing. "What are you going to do? Crawl in there on one leg? It's crazy!"

The would-be robbers did not get far. There are only some small dent marks in the wall, and employees at an adjoining business told WREG that even if they were able to break through the brick, there is an entire layer of concrete underneath that.

WREG tried talking to the owners of Guns and Ammo, but the store was closed.

Employees at the adjoining business said this has happened before, and they hope the video and pictures police have circulating will be enough to bring it to an end.

"We need to really crack down on the crime in this city," Memphis resident Rodney Morton said. "We really do."

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.


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