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Holly Bobo suspect accused of attacking corrections officers

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Zach Adams mug shot for Holly Bobo charges

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — One of the men charged with killing Holly Bobo is accused of assaulting two guards at the Chester County jail.

According to the incident report, on June 13, a corrections officer overheard Zachary Adams make suicidal comments.

It was advised Adams be moved to specialized cell so he could be monitored and observed 24 hours a day to prevent him from hurting himself.

When three corrections officers entered Adams’ cell to move him, he refused and resisted.

Adams hit one of the guards. Another then used a chemical agent to try to control Adams, who hit a third guard in the face before being restrained.

He continued to resist and tried to trip one of the guards, who had to carry Adams from the cell.

Adams, who is being held in the Chester County jail without bond, and Jason Autry are both charged with felony first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping of Holly Bobo.

It’s been three years since Holly Bobo disappeared.


  • DetlaEB

    Why keep him from hurting himself?. Did Holly have anyone trying to protect her?. I cannot imagine what she went through before breathing her last breath. If he wants to end his life- let him proceed.

  • Gary

    He is finally realized he is caught and there is no escape ,he knows now he either will be forever in prison or he will languish there until he is put to death ,which I feel will probably be the outcome. If he did it he needs the max punishment he can get.

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