Henri Brooks takes her case to court

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Henri Brooks is suing the county, saying the commission didn’t have the right to remove her from the board after an investigation uncovered she hasn’t been living in her district.

Commissioner Chris Thomas said, “I don’t think any judge in Shelby County wants to touch this because Henri Brooks has a lot of negativity attached to her.”

Thomas says Books is synonymous with drama.

After investigating, the county attorney said she does not live in her district. Now she’s out of a job, but her lawyers are saying not so fast.

Monday, they started the search for a judge to hear their argument, but it may take longer than expected, because of family connections and other conflicts of interest.

Brooks’ attorney Michael Working said, “What we are trying to avoid here is a total appearance of impropriety. So nobody who comes out on the wrong end of a decision had sour grapes.”

Her term on the county commission ends in August, so the legal system would have to get moving on this.

Her fellow commissioners don’t think it has anything to do with her position on the board, and everything to do with her run for juvenile court clerk.

Thomas added, “She’s got this charade going on trying to buy her some time and go to the August election. I just think it’s going to backfire on her.”


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