Shooting, violent confrontation during robberies worry Collierville residents

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Two armed robberies in less than ten days have some in Collierville in fear they could be next. A woman is recovering in the hospital after a robber shot her outside of her home. The Friday before, another couple was held-up at their house.

“There were gunshots. There was screaming,” said Angie Cozert, a neighbor.

“I came inside and told my husband to call the police because I thought someone had been shot,” said Wendy Carter. “And he was like ‘Wendy, no. It’s probably fireworks.’ And a I was like ‘No! Somebody has been shot!”

Neighbors came to the aid of the woman bleeding outside her Bechers Brook Cove home.

“She was trying to talk to people and let people know what the person looked like,” said Cozert.

She described a young man or teenager in a hoodie.

Neighbors heard a car peel-out.

“He didn’t see the car but he did hear the car,” said Cozert about her husband.

Rescue workers rushed the woman to the hospital, while a husband and wife a few miles down the road counted their blessings.

The previous Friday, the Randy and Gail were also robbed at their home, right after they pulled into their garage.

“We just got out of the car. I opened the trunk and she got out and two black guys came-up with a gun and said, ‘This is a hold-up’,” said Gary.

Still shaken, Gail and Randy only wanted to give WREG their first names.

Gail is still bruised from when she initially tried to resist the robbery. She has large bruises on her arm where one of the robbers grabbed her. The robbers ended-up taking Gail’s wedding ring and her purse with cash and credit cards. It happened the night before their daughter’s wedding. They know it could have been much worse.

“If we would’ve fought more than we initially did, I think we would’ve been shot,” said Gail.

These two robberies in Collierville, two Friday nights in a row, is raising plenty of concern in a community where violence is mostly unexpected.

“Everyone needs to be aware that this is happening out here so they can be careful,” said Carter.

Gail says after the robbery, someone tried use her credit card in North Memphis.

Collierville police has not responded to WREG’s phone calls so we don’t know if they believe these robberies are connected.


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