Henri Brooks supporters host rally in North Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Despite Saturday’s nasty weather, dozens rallied in support of Henri Brooks in North Memphis.

The rally was open to the public in a parking lot on Firestone, but News Channel 3 was not allowed to step past a chain link fence.

“Do you know why we`re not allowed inside?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“The media has not provided credible and accurate reporting on the commissioner`s campaign and or the charges that have come up,” replied an unidentified organizer.

Despite reporting what’s public record and caught on cameras, organizers closed a gate in our faces, and refused to talk. Men stood guard at the front the entire event.

The rally was publicized as an event to show community support for embattled Henri Brooks who within a month has been thrown in jail, and thrown out of the Shelby County Commission. Friday, she filed a lawsuit against the commission to gain her seat back.

“I think that`s ludicrous, the woman has a job to do and I think she`s strong in what she believes in,” said Rhonda Love.

Love brought her family Saturday despite the heavy rain. Love says she believes in Brooks and what she does for local families.

“She`s pro-children and how your children should be brought up. She`s about the community period,” said Love.

Brooks also denied our requests for interviews. She was on the program to speak, but didn`t even publicly address those who stood in the rain to support her. If people waited until the end of the event, she greeted them.

Reverend Al Sharpton was also on the program. Sharpton did not show up.


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