Workers dive into drains to search for trapped dog

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CORDOVA, Tenn. -- Three days and several hours of man power were used to find a dog who may or may not be there.

People who live in Cordova put the call out to the city and local businesses to save the dog.

"It sounded like happy, frantic, 'I want out of here,'" Lorie Beville said.

Beville knows what she heard.

"We did hear a dog barking," she said.

The worried neighbor isn't stopping until she gets help.

Greenway Home Services heard the call and said help was on the way.

"I got our lead plumber out here with the camera and we were going to run cameras through the line," Barney Bienz said. "We've been down in the man hole."

The company seems to have a soft spot for animals. WREG shot video of them rescuing a cat from a pipe two years ago.

On Friday, the city was not far behind them to look for the dog.

"We coordinated with drain maintenance. The director came out, the deputy director. We definitely had the Aries cameras down in the drains," Sian Crouther, with Memphis Animal Services, said.

Greenway and MAS went down into the pipes, but neither of them found anything.

"From the footage of the camera, it just showed that there were no canines in the drainage system. And it just appears that there were just some type of frogs or something that were amplified by the pipes," Crouther said.

"I think they're too willing to bush it off because of the expense and the man hours having to be out here," Beville said.

Neighbors and Greenway workers remained on the scene longer to continue the search.

"I'm not sure. I'm not willing to leave a dog in there if it is one. So we're still trying to locate it," Bienz said.

WREG stuck cameras down the drain to see what we would hear or see, and it sounded nothing like a dog or frog.

MAS said even though they did not find anything, they take every call seriously.


  • Lorie Beville

    It was not three days, it was Thursday and Friday. And they edited out that several people heard the dog whining and it’s tags/collar hitting metal.
    Yes, there were frogs in area. It is an area with woods.
    But this was a dog barking. Channel 3 did not show grate/tunnel in the back woods were we the volunteers mostly looked. We left the cover off grate for several hours and we think the dog got out there.
    MAS helped Thursday and the ACO’s heard a dog whining and thought it was hurt. They said it was probably a medium sized dog and it sounded like a beagle. They left at 5:30 on Thursday. Volunteers, including myself stayed until one a.m. We are confident the dog is out. There was no body found and the water splashing and collar “jingling” sounds stopped.
    We do appreciate Greenway Home Services for trying so hard to help, as well as Rotor Rooter on Thursday night.
    Channel 3 edited out most of the story that verified the dog was there. MAS heard frogs and used it as an “out”. I understand that resources need to be used conservatively – we, private citizens reached out for volunteer help, which actually accomplished more.
    I will say kudos to the Memphis Police Department. They arrived first and were very concerned and professional. MAS did try on Thursday, but after they left that afternoon I felt like they were just not going to try. It may have been city management decision, but it should not been that hard to get a snake/camera brought out.
    And last- the Humane Society was called first. They declined helping. Once again. Our city needs better resources for our animals. The ASPCA or something. Not just a high kill shelter and a HS that says no more than yes to help.

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