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Henri Brooks sues county commission

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ousted Shelby County commissioner Henri Brooks has filed a lawsuit against Shelby County.

An attorney for Brooks has confirmed the suit has been filed and challenges her removal from the commission.

Brooks was removed after an investigation determined she does not live in her district.

She defiantly showed up to a commission committee this week and even voted before commissioners voted to officially vacate her seat.

Brooks will appear in court Monday. Her supporters are hosting a rally Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 1051 Firestone.


  • biz59

    I hope she is using her money and not our tax dollars that she was paid. She should be ordered to pay the city back period. She is going to be tough because she thinks she is innocent. Proven point, if you do not live where you say you live than you got to go. Just walk away.

  • KeepMeUpdated

    Well, let’s see how much of our tax dollars go into THIS case. Thanks Henri – now the local government will have to cut more pensions and benefits because it is spending money on YOU. Taxes will be raised, because of you. Why do you not act professional, and take responsibility for your actions? Is it because you are an unprofessional juvenile clown? SO SELFISH!!! When you are prosecuted, there will not be anything left to cover your civil and criminal dues, and you will be in jail. WHEN ARE THE FELONY CHARGES OF PERJURY COMING?!? Anyone…Bueller…Hello. I want my tax dollars, that paid her, and her benefits back!

  • Joe

    How low can you go? She is ONE of the reasons the commission can’t get anything done? She should sued, she should have to pay for the damage she has done to the county, it’s progress, it’s reputation, and wasted tax dollars. Oh and the free meals that were catered to her at the meetings. Can you imagine having to deal with this idiot at a commission meeting?

  • Popz

    Thank goodness I don’t live in Shelby County. Pure unadulterated embarrassment created by a devious bigot who represents herself and no one else. When is this county going to require background, residency, and credit checks on everyone running for a public office?

  • DetlaEB

    And her attorney is A.C. Wharton’s son. Right?? Who’s going pay? Hope someone keeps up with the expenses on a weekly basis and reports it on the News and in the local paper. Going to be interesting..

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      go to the rally for the free entertaInment?! I thInk I shall just read about the rIots between the supporters and the haters. securIty wIll be tIghter than when royalty was here

  • www

    god in heaven, this woman makes ophelia ford, janis fillilove look like saints. is there or is there not a law that says, you must live in the district you want to represent? if there is a law that says that, is there a stipulation in the law that states, it does not apply if you are afro american? Caucasian people please get real. The hispanic community already has.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    everytIme I look at her pIcs I see the total arrogance and beIng very.self centered. “I am above the law! Noone can touch me!

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        u know full well not she also Is readIng all thIs! do people lIke her really get off on thIs? I can almost hear her cackle!!! wItchy laugh

  • langor1

    She can’t sue the county commission with taxpayer money, but the commission will certainly defend itself with taxpayer money. She’s clearly trying to intimidate them into backing down, but she won’t have the funds for this fight and will ultimately wither (even more) on the vine. Rivers run deep, but Brooks are shallow.

  • John G

    Aww don’t worry she had to” Resign” from Methodist hospital because of her recent clash with another employee if she does not win the Court Clerk seat she will be without a job because she cant run again for 2 years and if the people of that District puts her back in office they all need to go see a “SHRINK” I think they know now that she is no good and does not care about them.And plus on top of that what Company in Memphis is going to hire her with her obvious anger
    problems and her obvious dislike for any Race except her own and really don’t know about whether she cares about them either

  • KeepMeUpdated

    If you look at the 40+ page document submitted by Brooks for this lawsuit, look at the signed signatures. The signatures of Henri Brooks and Darlene Bowman (Notary Public) are identical: the same pen was used. Also, focus on the formation of the letters B, E, O, R, N (characters appearing in both names). They are of the same hand. The final “sweep” at the end of the signatures is identical – DID ONE PERSON SIGN BOTH NAMES? I ask this, because the Henri Brooks signature I see here, it is not the same signature on the other (Juvenile Court / Crump address form). WEIRD? isn’t it?

  • 1midtownmike

    $crew the white $heet$ Henri………the men in clean white coats with a straight jacket are the next thing you should be worried about. And props to MC Wharton and his posse for sticking with a sista, no matter how crazy she may be.

    • Just like her

      Yeah Ricky re-Peete showed us how the vote is based on skin color. When people knowingly elect corrupt people then people themselves are corrupt. I think this nation has passed the point of no return. It is every man for himself and laws be damned.

  • johnny dee

    this person,and i use the word loosely,should be sued and prosecuted,and run out of memphis ,if possible.

  • Ronnie

    she needs to leave it is already been proven she doesn’t live where she said put her jail where others would be I they made a lie live she did.

  • Navy Vet

    I thought about suing her for her racist remarks. My husband is Cuban and I am white. She hates both of us.

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