World Cup poses a welcome distraction during the work day

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- There was no shortage of Stars and Stripes at Brass Door, and also some suits and ties. People came on their lunch break and said they don't care what sport it is, they're here to support their home team.

Only when the World Cup rolls around will you see a crowd like this gather to watch soccer.

Jeb Hart said, "I mean people don't care about curling, but if USA is in a gold medal match, people care. It's a community thing."

Hart is one of many who dropped by a local watering hole to cheer on team USA. Nothing says America quite like a beer and a burger.

Brass Door owner Seamus Loftus said, "I'm delighted with it. I came out to America to coach soccer 20 years ago. This is a real development to see this much support for it."

Loftus said Thursday wasn't their typical weekday afternoon crowd.

When asked if there were any bosses calling looking for their employees, he said, "No, and if they did, we didn't see you."

Thank goodness for that. Not everyone was as forthcoming about their "extended lunch break" plans, but team USA has you covered.

Steve McIntyre said, "I've got my excuse from the coach you know, yeah, so I'm clean."

The World Cup is slightly confusing, but even though the US lost today, the team is still in it. The rules switch over to more March Madness type games after this with knockouts, so it may mean more extended lunch breaks for these fans.

They say all the excitement will not keep them from being productive.

"No, I will get the work done, that's a guarantee, that's a guarantee!" said McIntyre.