Woman shot when she walks into apartment

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Hickory Hill woman is in critical condition after being she shot several times in her home off Ridgeway.

Police say the woman came home to two armed strangers inside her home at The Lakes apartments.

The two men shot her four times in the chest before taking off.

The victim called her brother who called police.

When detectives arrived on scene, they could hear the woman screaming from inside the house.

Despite suffering from several wounds, she was able to explain what happened.

"That hits close to home I ain’t ever heard of anything like that,” said neighbor Terry Tucker.

Tucker and other neighbors say they didn’t hear anything, despite a gun going off several times.

Neighbor Sharon Jones fears the same crime can easily happen again, “I am troubled, I am troubled. I come in late."

While police were investigating at the woman’s home, several officers raced across the street and began a foot chase with a man nearby.

That man was caught and taken into custody.

Police have not said if that man faces any charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.



  • notsure

    Its sad that we live in a world that people need or have to be armed to protect themselves, but this is why people do need a firearm and the training to use it properly.

    • Scott

      But don’t you know that if it were illegal to carry firearms, the criminals would not have had a gun to shoot her with? At least I think that’s the liberal ‘logic’ of the day…

  • hank wesson

    all of you who own guns with proper training in firearms, are you willing and ready to take a life when you are in fear of your own life and deal with the after effects then you are ready remember you cannot be afraid when your life is in danger and you must act quickly because they will kill you wirhout a second thought so you have to have the same mentally as the killer shoot first before the killer shoots

  • L.W. Miller

    Hank you are right in a way. When you shoot someone it does affect a normal person. This thugs have no remorse because they have no regard for life.

  • ZombieApacolyspe

    Police Description- 2 blacks guys, small to medium build..we saw the to guys running but were unable to catch them.

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