Whitehaven residents urge city for help keeping their community clean

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dozens of people showed up at community meeting in Whitehaven Thursday night. The big topic on their minds not crime, but how their community looks.

One woman said people litter all over Tchulahoma Road without giving it a second thought, but don’t do things like that in Germantown. She says city leaders must take steps to create fear, like there is in Germantown.

A Memphis police officer at the meeting told residents he enjoyed writing tickets for things like littering and would be on the look out for it.

They’re the same concerns WREG first exposed in this neighborhood two years ago. Our investigation prompted the city to clean up a huge dumping ground after residents said the city dropped the ball.

Thursday night, city leaders said they know about the problems and are working to fix them by setting up Sky Cop cameras to catch the dumpers.

One resident expressed doubt it would work, but Councilmember Janice Fullilove said they needed to give it a chance.


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