Where does Henri Brooks really live?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Henri Brooks now calls a house on Mississippi Boulevard home. There's even a campaign sign in the yard outside the house, but her neighbors are still skeptical.

Tanzie Brown lives across the street.

He said, "I walk up and down this street every day. And you've never seen her? No the first time I remember seeing her was yesterday."

That's the first time Brooks told anyone about living at this home. She got kicked off county commission Wednesday for not living in her district, but the house on Mississippi is in District 2.

Brooks filed paperwork with the election commission claiming to live at a house on Crump, something the county attorney said isn't true.

Marvin Richmond said, "Somebody dropped the ball."

But that person may have been Brooks. Lorene Jones owns the house on Mississippi Boulevard. She wouldn't say when Brooks moved in, but told WREG they are roommates.

Possible neighbors Marvin Richmond and Brown are frustrated by it all, and said it's time to make sure politicians are following the laws they help make.

Richmond said, "If they are going to do right, do right by all the people. All the taxpayers. Investigate everyone on the board."

Brown echoed, "She may be the one they looking at right now, but they need to look at everyone on the board."

In the past two months Brooks is accused of making racist statements in a meeting, getting into a fight in a parking lot, and lying about where she lives. All of this while running for juvenile court clerk.

It's why Richmond thinks it's time to clean house.

"Everything corrupt. The whole council. Everything. They need to clean up all of that. Get the feds in here and clean up all of it."


    • Les Holte

      Evidently even Henri E. Brooks doesn’t know where she lives. She swore under pain of penalty of prosecution for perjury that she lived on Crump. Now the heat is on and she lives on Mississippi Boulevard, but none of her NEW neighbors have EVER seen her there. I don’t think it even matters where she SAYS she lives now, she already perjured herself. What about “transparency”? Her NEW room mate won’t talk to the media, and neither will Ms. Brooks. I think we ALL know by now that she has been a great deal less than honest and forthcoming, but she wants access to our kids. I do not want to be represented in any public office by a woman who LIES where she lives, insults other commissioners by making racist remarks, and starts parking lo brawls laced with more racist remarks. How about you? Is this what you want for OUR city.

      • The Real Nonya

        She lives out in the suburbs with all the white people she hates.She won’t live with the rabble that are her constituents, those she professes to love, “Her people.” Nooooooo, she lives with whitie!

  • KeepMeUpdated

    Do a search in your browser for “Ex-Kommissar 600 WREC”. Check it out, it is great. Henri might not have an address, but she sure got an upbeat song! GO GIRL (to jail?).

  • John G

    I agree with guy in the interview why has not the D.A. the State Attorney General looking into this Amy W. gave this poor excuse that the commission or election commission has not filed a complaint does that mean she can not try to enforce Tennessee law without a complaint,how do we know if any of these folks in office even live in Tennessee period.Time to call the Feds.

    • KeepMeUpdated

      I agree. Call in the feds. Write the state attorney general, if you have not already. And yes, a review of the whole commission (not just Brooks) is in order. If a person is clean, righteous, and correct – then there is nothing for them to worry about.

  • joe

    Come on guys if your neighbor gets busted should the feds follow you around? I just wish they would do something when they catch’em. Isn’t there another member on the council that has already got away with doing this?

  • CJB

    She pretty much gave herself away when she said Mississippi Boulevard, she lives in MS!!!!! IJS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve held my tongue as long as I could. I want to know why her network account for Shelby County Government has not been disabled yet! (as of this morning, it is still active). Also her ID badge, which grants her access into 160 N. Main is still active.

    If any of us plebeians were discovered to have provided false information regarding our address and then terminated, we wouldn’t even be allowed back in the building! They would pack our stuff up and mail it to us. Why does she get special treatment?

    Marcy Ingram needs to answer these questions in my opinion.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      anonymous, theIr websIte needs to be updated to show the publIc her real status. If she Is really ousted, then delete her pIcture, etc

  • Memphis

    We know why she is still there. Mayor Wharton supports her and his son defends her. Enough said

  • KeepMeUpdated

    All people living in District 2 need to look for their own, rightful resident to properly represent them. The people of District 2 need to identify someone intelligent, someone who is successful in their current job capacity, and prosperous financially (knows how to manage money > as in helping fix Memphis budget woes). A career politician is not needed – someone from the outside, with proven leadership, with new ideas.

    NO! – I do not have anyone in mind. I am also not in District 2. I just hope those people get a competent candidate that can work well with others, and not waste taxpayer money or anyone’s valuable time.

  • Lacy Wilson

    It is very easy to see if she lives on Mississippi Boulevard, she would have received some kind of mail at that address, make sure it is dated before 06/24/14 should long before . When it is proven that she and the lady that said she was her roommate lied they both need to be arrested and spend at least a night in jail. This lady thinks she is above all laws, she needs to learn and everyone else that if you break a law/laws (which I think she has broken many) then you will be arrested and jailed not just taken to the jail and released. What is it with this lady that the people of Memphis is protecting her. If this was a white person in Memphis they would have already lost there job. People needs to Write the state attorney general.

  • Outtahere

    The Real Nonya
    She lives out in the suburbs with all the white people she hates.She won’t live with the rabble that are her constituents, those she professes to love, “Her people.” Nooooooo, she lives with whitie!

    Are you effin’ serious?!? You need to get over yourself….all of you do! You all claim you want to be treated equally then you go and say stuff like this?!? As long as there are people like YOU preaching this kind of stuff to the children of today no one will ever be treated equally!

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