Where does Henri Brooks really live?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Henri Brooks now calls a house on Mississippi Boulevard home. There’s even a campaign sign in the yard outside the house, but her neighbors are still skeptical.

Tanzie Brown lives across the street.

He said, “I walk up and down this street every day. And you’ve never seen her? No the first time I remember seeing her was yesterday.”

That’s the first time Brooks told anyone about living at this home. She got kicked off county commission Wednesday for not living in her district, but the house on Mississippi is in District 2.

Brooks filed paperwork with the election commission claiming to live at a house on Crump, something the county attorney said isn’t true.

Marvin Richmond said, “Somebody dropped the ball.”

But that person may have been Brooks. Lorene Jones owns the house on Mississippi Boulevard. She wouldn’t say when Brooks moved in, but told WREG they are roommates.

Possible neighbors Marvin Richmond and Brown are frustrated by it all, and said it’s time to make sure politicians are following the laws they help make.

Richmond said, “If they are going to do right, do right by all the people. All the taxpayers. Investigate everyone on the board.”

Brown echoed, “She may be the one they looking at right now, but they need to look at everyone on the board.”

In the past two months Brooks is accused of making racist statements in a meeting, getting into a fight in a parking lot, and lying about where she lives. All of this while running for juvenile court clerk.

It’s why Richmond thinks it’s time to clean house.

“Everything corrupt. The whole council. Everything. They need to clean up all of that. Get the feds in here and clean up all of it.”


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