Police: Men used shotguns to rob Bible college students

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two men holding shotguns reportedly demanded money from a Bible school student doing laundry, and then made him take them to his dorm, where his roommates became the next victims.

It happened at Mid-South Christian College on Knight Road.

Police said a student was in the laundry room at Mid-South Christian College early Thursday morning when two armed men walked in.

They pointed their shotguns at the student and made him take them to his dorm, where two other students were hanging out.

WREG is told the suspects held all three at gunpoint while they ransacked the place. They took cellphones, laptops, and money, and then got away in a victim's car.

"I have been here for 14 years. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened," said Larry Griffin, Mid-South Christian College president.

Griffin is just thankful no one was hurt and is confident Memphis Police will solve the crime.

"We are not in session right now. We only have a few students that stay on campus during the summer time, but everybody is dealing with it very well," said Griffin.

Dorothy Taylor lives across the street. She was home when it happened, but can only remember the storm that night.

"I haven't seen anything happen on our street," said Taylor. "I am concerned. I actually felt kind of safe being in front of a dorm."

Especially a dorm that houses people who want to serve the community. Griffin said if the two robbers needed help, all they had to do was ask.

"There's no doubt that we would help anybody that we can help," said Griffin.

Griffin said the school has strict security measures in place, but they will look at them again to see if anything needs to be changed.

Police told WREG they do not know what the suspects look like. All they know is they took off in a victim's car, a 2000 Honda with a Mississippi tag. They did not know the color or the tag numbers.


  • Georges Zimmerman

    “Police told WREG they do not know what the suspects look like. All they know is they took off in a victim’s car, a 2000 Honda with a Mississippi tag. They did not know the color or the tag numbers.”
    Translation: They were Obama’s sons doing the messiah’s work and we know what the car color is and the tag numbers.
    This city is a joke…move out of Shelby County and don’t do any business there, let it rot.


      GeorgesZimmerman–Who are you . . . Son of a Bush! You go ahead and leave Shelby County first and then we’ll see how welike the place. Bye Bye!

    • Dr. JohnS

      That is something that did not make sense to me either. I would think the victim would know about his car, if he could not remember the tag number the police could look it up. Dumb, dumb dumb

      • Otrax

        The car is silver with a big dent in the driver’s side. These reporters mixed up what the victims actually don’t know, such as the tag numbers or vin. OF COURSE THEY KNOW WHAT COLOR THE CAR IS!!!! HE DROVE IT EVERY DAY!

  • takenobull

    This is a good time to screw the cops and fire men. The only folks who have a chance to defend this city.

  • John Taylor

    The College is to cover up the fact they don’t have security . Also the robbery happened at night. Which if brought to light would hurt the college and stuff. That why all this doesn’t make sense. I mean who doesn’t know the color of their car?

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