Gang-related crime decreases but remains a problem

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Jail doors slammed on a woman accused of shooting five children. Kimberly Worthy is facing five counts of attempted first degree murder and possession of a firearm.

The teenagers were shot while leaving an anti-violence basketball tournament last week on Saturday.

WREG first reported the shooting over the weekend, but new information reveals the fired shots may be gang-related.

Gangs mark their territory all over Memphis leaving scary reminders that gangs are in your neighborhood.

Nearly a week after the shooting, children have their guards up as they shoot hoops across the street from the Hillview Apartments, where the teenagers were shot over the weekend.

" When I heard it, I ran but I waited for a little minute because a bullet flew past my face," Corey Scott said about the frightening moment.

Scott said he watched his friends drop like flies, as five people drove by, firing bullet after bullet.

"That's when I just broke down crying," Scott said.

Police said everything leading up to those five young boys being shot, all started at a home on Hollyford Road.

According to charging documents, there was a fight involving gang members.

The affidavit of complaint revealed Worthy, and at least on other man involved, are in a gang.

The gang is known as the Gangster Disciples.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports the gang is just one of many responsible for crime in the area.

While crime has been trending downward over the past four years, Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) said don't let the numbers fool you, because there's still a war to be won.

"Kids, young people, adults gravitate toward gangs because they provide them with something that's missing," Randy Odom, Chief Operating Officer of MAM, said.

Odom's organization is working to fill the void.

"It's not a simple out, but there is an out and if you're committed to changing your life then there's people who can walk you through that process," Odom said.

Despite the shooting that occurred after their event last weekend, MAM still plans on having their midnight basketball tournament.

However, the organization have vowed to step up security in and around the event.

Worthy is being held on a $5 million bond as police continue searching for three others involved in the shooting.


  • Tonya

    This is not going to help. I do not care that its on the decline. There is still to many shootings around children. Stepping up security, well hope that helps. These people do not care about life in general. They do not care. What is so hard to realize that there are people , here in Memphis, that just do not care about anything.? Nothing will change unless “we” start making it change. Police don’t do anything, having different guns for whatever, doesn’t matter, the only way we (as in us,Memphians) stand up and take our city back. This means paying attention to our neighborhoods, voting out the horrible people who do nothing but vote yes for their pay increases, it means become proactive when it comes to “kids” running around the neighborhood, it means looking out for one another. If we can do this , we can make this city great again.

  • hank wesson

    this is really a sad situation there is a way to get out of the gang over the years we have met a lot of gang members and ex gang members we talk to all of them whether they want out or they want to stay we have attended a lot of hospital bedsides and a lot of graduations and a lot of funerals we are offering advice we are not trying to change anyones mind just showing compassion we dont discriminate we have to embrace the problem not critisize


    You have got to be kidding me by stating that gang related violence is on the decline in Memphis. This has got to be the biggest job of manipulating crime statistics that I have ever seen. The youth in the inner city is lost, the breakdown of the family unit is as bad as it has ever been. There is a generation out there, walking the streets, that shows absolutely no value for human life. If this is supposed to be some sort of “feel good” story, save it…………I have good eyes, good ears and a reliable brain. All that I see, hear and think about in regards to gang related crime in Memphis tells me a completely different story.

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