Will Brooks face criminal charges for lying about her address?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "I am not going to intentionally do anything," Henri Brooks said, "But I do not feel that my seat has been vacated based on any issue of fact."

Her fellow commissioners disagree.

Wednesday, they voted her out for not living in her district, and started accepting applications for her replacement.

Commissioner Thomas said, "The right thing to do morally, ethically, would be for commissioner Brooks to either show everyone where she lives if she's got nothing to hide or step down. Be the leader she professes to be."

Term limits already stopped her from running again, but she's on the August ballot running for juvenile court clerk.

Election commission chairman Robert Meyer told WREG ballots are already out, and there's not much the commission can do.

"We don't have any legislative authority we don't have any investigative authority we don't have any prosecutorial authority so all we do is administer the elections."

Meyer says all you need to run is an address in Shelby county. But if she signed this petition to run knowing she used the wrong address, that's a felony.

The election commission will likely ask someone at the District Attorneys office to look into it.

Meyer added, "It would probably be the prudent thing to do to at least make the referral again it will be up to the attorney general as to whether or not this is something worth following."


  • 56yard--

    if all them white politicians are doing the same thing then black/white clean house. Is there a law? Is there something that says it is okay for a black politician but not okay for a white politician???????? Lord in heaven, memphis is a messed up burg.

  • Hard Truths

    The defenders of Henri Brooks have NO card to play except the race card. And they play it over and over again. As she always has.

    I hope she is prosecuted for lying about her residency.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    hard truths, we both hope she wIll be prosecuted for lyIng but u know she wont be and why!!

  • John G

    I agree with BamBam84 the D. A. needs be to investigating where she probably has committed Fraud on this since she did make a gain out of it by paying her Salary, benefits etc.(pick up the Dictionary and read the definition of Fraud).Next question is did she do same while in the Legislature the State D.A. needs to be looking into this.Not defending Henri (considering her Attitude towards other races but her own)how many others are doing this to,and why no laws are being passed to force same kind of proof of residence like a Utility Bill.You cant even get your vehicle tags changed to a different address without 2-3 proofs.How do we know that some of these folks are living in State period.

  • Robert O.

    Contact the state Attorney General at the following point of contact to state your concerns in this matter, (or just do a goggle search, and email them!):
    Office of the Attorney General and Reporter
    P.O. Box 20207
    Nashville, TN 37202-0207
    Telephone: (615) 741-3491
    Fax: (615) 741-2009

  • Terrie

    Why pass laws? Just ENFORCE them. When you have someone in every corner protecting you & willing to perjury themselves then It’s hard to prove anything BUT if there is someone that is NOT scared of her & her kind, then they should get in there & enforce these laws that are in place!

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