Two charged with shooting at police officers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two men are charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting at Memphis police officers Tuesday night.

The officers stopped the men who had a broken tail light around 7:15 p.m. near Lamar Avenue and Airways Boulevard.

One of the officers asked 18-year-old Carl Johnson for his driver’s license when he reportedly took off with 19-year-old Martez Wheeler in the passenger seat.

Police chased the car nearly two miles to Southwall and Wildrose, where both men jumped out and police say Wheeler pulled out a gun and fired several shots towards the them.

Jennifer Rucker stood in the intersection where the drama happened on Wednesday.

Police said it was Wheeler who tried killing their officers.

"It made me a little nervous you know especially for my kids," Rucker explained.

A squad car was hit several times with 40 caliber bullets.

The officers were not hurt and did not return fire.

Johnson was arrested on the spot, and Wheeler got away before eventually turning himself in.

"They should be ashamed of themselves," Annie Westbrooke said.

Carl Johnson was arrested and charged with Driving While License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled, Evading Arrest, and Criminal Attempt Felony to wit First Degree Murder.

Martez Wheeler was arrested and charged with Criminal Attempt Felony to wit First Degree Murder (two counts), and Evading Arrest.

They're are locked up on a combined $125,000 bond.

People who live and work in the Orange Mound neighborhood, where the alleged crime took place, are not biting their tongues after hearing after hearing what the teenagers did.

"He is a fool," Walter Williams said.  "A complete idiot."

"That person really lost it up there somewhere. That's what I think," Westbrooke said.

Police say the officers weren't hit by the bullets and never fired their weapons.


  • jerryseevers

    Awww yayyy mane…we bee all up ghetto in dis mutha an we beez all proud of dis way we bee talkin to dem fools…ima gets mines mane yayyyyy my kidz gonna be banguzz too mane yayyyy

  • Kay

    I hope mpd had a good reason for not returning fire, not a clear view, citizens around, whatever because they should be dead, not to Monday-morning quarterback, I was not there, glad police are ok. Too bad they did not kill them, two less to feed at cjc, they probably are out by now.

  • Aha!

    Says the mommas of the thugs: “My baby would not do what the polices say they did. My boy is innocent. He been a church going chile. He a good boy. You will see that he will be cleared of dis charge polices have on him. He don’t belong to no gang neither.” The comment from baby daddies will be — well there will not be one because even if the baby daddy of either is known, he is either dead, in jail, or not to be found.

  • AHA's Momma

    boy, this is almost as bad as these white men kidnapping and molesting these babies …well not almost. A child molester is the lowest piece of garbage ever …

    • Aha!

      I taught in MCS long enough to know some of my 12 year old female students were given gonorrhea by brothers, uncles and daddies. And lets not forget the ones that got pregnant by family members. These vile creatures robbing teenage girls of their virginity and getting them pregnant and giving them every STD known to man. And let’s not forget the mommas who pimped their own daughters and encouraged their sons to join a gang.

  • notsure

    I guess the officers was to afraid that Al and Jessie might come. Because back in the day these two little punks would have been laid out dressed for a funeral.

  • Prayer Team

    I know that’s right notsure! They stupid young #:” need to get Life!!! They could have killed someone,probably were on their way to shoot somebody good thing mpd caught them.

  • Ricky

    Why the officers workin’? If they wasn’t pullin’ people over, there wouldn’t have been no shootin’. Why work when Little and A.C. takin’ yo’ benefits, insurance, and pension away?

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