Summer crimes up in Hernando

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- A good look at police video shows burglars breaking into cars in Hernando.

Police have had a rash of complaints lately, which they say happens when the weather warms up.

”I think summer has everything to do with it. We get this the beginning of summer pretty much every year,” Hernando Police Detective Brian Bell said.

Most of the burglaries happened in nice neighborhoods and with unlocked cars.

Then there’s the case of the burglary at Longview Point Baptist Church, where a woman burglary suspect is preying on innocent victims.

”I think they have a, hate to say it, false sense of security so they tend to let their guard down and that’s when this lady takes advantage.”

Detectives believe the thief stole a wallet out of an unlocked vehicle, then they apparently hit every store in town.

Pictures show her walking through a garden department, checking out, and then walking out with a big item in her shopping cart.

Police say the woman did what many other thieves do - she went straight to a local store and bought an expensive barbeque grill and then put $600 on a gift card.

Security cameras even caught her driving away.

Detective Brian Bell of Hernando PD says she also hit the Mormon Church in Southaven and a church in Batesville.

He says people need to remember, they may live outside the big city, but crime is everywhere and they need to keep their doors locked and valuables stashed.

”While cities like Hernando, Olive Branch, Germantown or Collierville are safe cities, imaginary lines on a map don’t tend to stop thieves.”

He believes someone knows who’s committing these burglaries and hopes they call DeSoto Crimestoppers at 662-429-CASH.

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