Ringmaster absent from what commissioners call a “circus” of a meeting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- County commissioners described Wednesday's meeting about Henri Brooks' future as a circus, but the man who usually acts as ringmaster was not even in the tent.

Commissioner Steve Mulroy told WREG, "I don't know what Chairman Harvey's schedule was, but I can certainly imagine someone wanting to miss this commission meeting."

News Channel 3 tracked Chairman James Harvey down to a pension conference in San Diego. Harvey said he committed to it months ago and would never avoid responsibilities by purposefully missing the meeting.

However, County Mayor Mark Luttrell says he did make a conscious decision to miss the meeting.

"County commission is a legislative branch of government with their own government instructor, their own chairman. So, we have no jurisdiction or oversight in that matter."

He said it is up to the commission to handle this, and he wants it fixed now.

"It's become a distraction at this point, and it needs to be resolved," he said.

Harvey said he does not have enough information to say how he would have voted and would not answer hypothetical questions using the information he does know.

Henri Brooks' attorney told WREG her District 2 address is in the 1100 block of Mississippi Boulevard. Reporter Katie Rufener tried knocking on the door, but no one answered, and neighbors told her they never see anyone here.

The county's legal department said there is no proof Brooks lives in District 2, and Harvey said he'll stand by its findings.


  • Dr. JohnS

    Why did someone not call personnel from the mental hospital to come and get her. It is evident she has a mental disease. No one in their right mind behaves the way she does unless they are on drugs are a mental illness.

  • Bill Zebub

    I just called Chairman Harveys Office and was told he was at the meeting yesterday. You’re story says otherwise, what gives?

  • Bill Zebub

    Has anyone looked into Mulroy? Rumor has it that Mulroy doesn’t live in his District either. By live I mean where he sleeps most of the time.

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