People in District 2 say Henri Brooks needed to go

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who live in the 1800 block of Crump in District 2 say it’s common knowledge in the neighborhood that former County Commissioner Henri Brooks has never lived there.

“I’ve been here twenty years and I’ve never seen here,” said Scott Guidry.

Guidry is surprised it took so long for others to figure it out, and says if Brooks broke the rules and lied about her residency, then she needed to go.

“If she doesn’t live here and put the wrong address down, maybe she should try to get elected where she lives instead of here,” said Guidry.

Brooks was forced from the Shelby County Commission after an investigation determined Brooks lives at home off Houston Levee in Cordova and not in her district.

Some people in District 2 still support her, but say she should have known better.

“Nobody should lie,” said one woman.

Others are more cynical and say it’s all part of politics.

They say in this case, Brooks appears to be her own worst enemy.

“Is that the worst thing she’s done? She’s probably done worse with some of the things she’s said and didn’t she get arrested,” said Bob Beck.

Still, they are hoping who ever replaces Brooks will actually represent them.

“That would be kind of nice,” said Beck.

The report from the Shelby County Attorney’s Office found Brooks listed two addresses as a commissioner, but doesn’t live at either of them.


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