Henri Brooks refuses to step down, casts votes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A day after she was removed from the Shelby County Commission, Henri Brooks showed up to a committee meeting and cast two votes.

An investigation showed Brooks does not live in her district.

Brooks told commissioners she did not feel her seat was vacant when she showed up to a committee meeting Wednesday morning.

Brooks said she still considered herself a member of the commission, "I am not in a conflict of interest."

Minutes before saying that, she took part in a 10-0 vote on an ethics proposal.

Commissioner Chris Thomas objected to the vote, at which time the county attorney said the vote would be invalidated if Brook is called into court.

The attorney also said no judge is needed to remove a commissioner from their seat.

Commissioner Justin Ford said he considered Brooks a member and her votes valid but commissioners voted to overrule his decision.

Commissioner Steve Basar told Brooks, "Do the right thing, resign. Don't make us make this decision."

In the end, commissioners voted to declare the seat vacant. Commissioners Bailey, Ford and Chism voted against all measures to remove Brooks.

After the vote, Brooks handed out a statement saying, "The county attorney's decision was made on the absence of proof. It was made to get me off this body and out of the Juvenile Court Clerk's race."

The county attorney however said Brooks declined several times to clear up the matter of where she resides.


















    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      because shes wharton property! notta sc deputy gonna touch her for fear of repurcussIon….loss of job!!

  • Alex

    Vote her out, and any one that supports her. It is the only way to take this city back from the corrupt leaders that are in control now.

  • TigerFan

    She hasn’t provided any proof she does live in her Disrtict…

    And the grand irony is that she participated in voting in favor of an Ethics issue – she must need to brush up on the definition of ethics.

  • careile harris

    Brooks think she is above the law…She is pulling the JF scheme…What goes around, comes around…I can think of about 5 other public officials that need to be let go..Run that “B” out of town…pull the old Jimmy Hoffa…Fullilove is next….

  • Elvis Rules

    Check the Henri Brooks facebook page out! So many negative comments, cant believe she has any friends left!!!

  • Sapphire Cat

    After the vote, Brooks handed out a statement saying, “The county attorney’s decision was made on the absence of proof.”

    No Henri, the decision was made on YOUR absence from districts and homes where you have claimed to live in order to hold your seat on the commission. Please take your ignorance, insanity, racism, and horrible hair and go away–far, far away.

  • DanteMc

    No respect for the position. No respect for the people. Her actions show he has no class. More of the entitlement mentality that continues to drag Memphis into the gutter. She puts her own self-interest above that of the people she serves. Look at Detroit. It is people like her that are going to turn Memphis into Detroit.

  • Hard Truths

    “For those who place their faith in fire,
    In fire their faith shall be repaid”.

    Adios, pendeja!

  • Stupid dog

    To: Low Profile.. Prince Mongo was a mental giant compared the this impersonation of a human…but Ms. Brooks does a great impersonation of of the Rain Man.. sorry rain man..

  • atjohnson

    When you have loyal followers, sometimes the responsible thing to do is to know when your leadership is dividing and provoking people to dig their feet in the sand. Stepping down can be honorable. There are more ways to serve the public than public office.

    • Stephen Moore

      She shall be performing her service by means of incarceration. Jail/Prison/Penal Farm – BUT – her address will be known!

  • Joe

    If she had proof she lived in her district, she would have already provided it. She is a racist and liar. The people that support her are the same. If she had any integerity she would admit her wrong and apologize. She won’t, thats Memphis politics.

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