Henri Brooks: Is she or isn’t she on the county commission?

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MEMPHIS,Tenn. -- "I feel that I am not in a conflict of interest situation."

Those words are the reason Henri Brooks was bold enough to vote on a plan to kick her off county commission.

The county attorney said Brooks should go because she doesn't live in her district. Seven commissioners agreed. They're all white.

Brooks and three others said no. They're all black.

Marcy Ingram is the county attorney.

She said, "The Supreme Court has said no judicial determination is necessary. I've consulted with the attorney generals office."

But Michael Working, Brooks' attorney, disagrees.

"This investigation lasted a grand total of two-and-a-half work days."

Marcy Ingram promised the investigation last week and said it wouldn't take long. In less than a week, it uncovered Brooks doesn't live at 1867 Crump like she claims.

Brooks' attorneys say the county attorney doesn't have the power to remove brooks, and Commissioner Walter Bailey agrees.

"I think if one doesn't live in their district as one is required to under the law, I think it's reprehensible. I'd be the first to be critical. But there is a process in which you address these matters."

Brooks' attorneys say the process will probably include court. That means there may be no final answer until brooks actual term is up in August.

Her fellow commissioners say they are sick of the drama and want to move on.

Commissioner Steve Basar added, "If you choose to move out of your district, do the right thing. Resign. Don't make this a charade don't force us to do things."


  • Phyllis

    I find it really distressing that it has become a racial war again, she and the other three that voted for her to stay clearly have declared that no matter what she does, they are going to stand behind her because she is black. Shame on you, you have shown yet once again, blacks can do no wrong, will not even get charged when they commit fraud, or assault on another person. Shame on AC Wharton for standing behind her knowing in his heart she is a racist, so AC you have been declared that you are on her side, so that means you hate whites as much as she does. I think the citizens of Memphis need to stand up and call for action against all of this because you have divided this city by black against white, and we did not start this one you and Henri Brooks did. She has not been charged with hate crimes for which she is guilty of. Methodist did the right thing, but Memphis leaders have decided she can do whatever she wants no matter what. DO NOT VOTE FOR AC WHARTON IN THE NEXT ELECTION PEOPLE, because he could care less about the slogan ONE MEMPHIS, he has made it two.

    • Kevin

      the whites have been against the blacks in the city for as long as I remember and now all of a sudden you folks want to talk about doing the right thing? You need to give that mess a rest … I didn’t hear you voicing your opinion about none of the injustice stuff that have been done to blacks by whites in the past and on these very streets …. fake people like you are what’s wrong here.

  • MulanDee

    Are you telling me that none of the black commissioners stood up and did the right thing? They are all fools, going to make this about race instead of making it about what’s right. Today, I’m ashamed to be black. They want to keep it divided after everything we worked for. It is crazy! We need to work together!,

    • Kevin

      you need to be shame of living …. you are one stupid a$$ person. People can feed you anything and you will eat it up … You know absolutely nothing about this person but what the white folks has told your ignorant butt. I’m ashame that you are a black person too ….

  • Robert O.

    Just contact the state Attorney General office at the following address/phone, or contact them via email by performing a goggle search of “Tennessee Attorney General, to voice your concerns in this matter:
    Office of the Attorney General and Reporter
    P.O. Box 20207
    Nashville, TN 37202-0207
    Telephone: (615) 741-3491
    Fax: (615) 741-2009

  • Mom

    “I feel that I am not in a conflict of interest situation.” Guess what? Feelings are not FACTS. Your feelings aren’t what we need running this Commission or any part of Juvenile Court; obviously. We need people who use their brains and facts instead, people who are honest and not self absorbed, people who simply know and do the right thing regardless of their “feelings”.

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