Henri Brooks: Is she or isn’t she on the county commission?

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — “I feel that I am not in a conflict of interest situation.”

Those words are the reason Henri Brooks was bold enough to vote on a plan to kick her off county commission.

The county attorney said Brooks should go because she doesn’t live in her district. Seven commissioners agreed. They’re all white.

Brooks and three others said no. They’re all black.

Marcy Ingram is the county attorney.

She said, “The Supreme Court has said no judicial determination is necessary. I’ve consulted with the attorney generals office.”

But Michael Working, Brooks’ attorney, disagrees.

“This investigation lasted a grand total of two-and-a-half work days.”

Marcy Ingram promised the investigation last week and said it wouldn’t take long. In less than a week, it uncovered Brooks doesn’t live at 1867 Crump like she claims.

Brooks’ attorneys say the county attorney doesn’t have the power to remove brooks, and Commissioner Walter Bailey agrees.

“I think if one doesn’t live in their district as one is required to under the law, I think it’s reprehensible. I’d be the first to be critical. But there is a process in which you address these matters.”

Brooks’ attorneys say the process will probably include court. That means there may be no final answer until brooks actual term is up in August.

Her fellow commissioners say they are sick of the drama and want to move on.

Commissioner Steve Basar added, “If you choose to move out of your district, do the right thing. Resign. Don’t make this a charade don’t force us to do things.”


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