Does this product deliver on its promise of easy, mess-free painting?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Not a fan of painting? Does trying to get the edges perfect drive you crazy? Well the Point 'n Paint claims to zip along corners and glide along molding so you can ditch the blue tape! But Does It Work?

Robin Lampkin is a personal trainer. Her husband, Dell, is a manager for a medical device distributor and part-time personal trainer. They have more than fitness in common - they hate painting!

"No, I'm not a fan of painting at all. I don't mind it but I'd much rather have someone else do it."

Why the lack of love for these DIY painters? The time it takes to tape the room, and the mess.

"Paint on the carpet, paint on clothes, paint on places we didn't think had paint on it!"

And those pesky edges!

"The edges are the scariest for me! You're either too close or not close enough."

The Point 'n Paint claims to be the best edger ever, and without drips!

"I don't know how it's not going to drip. That's a big test!"

Point 'n Paint comes with a no-spill tray, two large and two small pads, and a mini edger.

The Lampkins decided test it on a wall in their den. They poured the paint into the no-spill tray and Robin started off using the big pad and edger.

"I would say easier than a paint brush."

For the tight corners, Robin handed it over to Dell, who switched to the mini edger.

"It's hard to get against the corner there...the edge seems to scrub into the wall, so it's leaving a gap in here where I can't get to the edge."

"We didn't get any splatter, and no drips!"

So Does It Work?

"I think it passed the Does It Work test for touch ups...(but) I think it failed the Does It Work test to paint a whole room."

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