Volunteers helping complete strangers in West Memphis

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- They're decked out in overalls, and paint gear, and, surprisingly, most of the paint is making it onto the house.

Volunteers came from across the south to help out a West Memphis neighborhood for one week.

"Spreading God's word, witnessing the people, and painting a house!"

Painting houses, repairing leaky roofs and building wheelchair ramps are their main tasks. The group of teens is known as World Changers.

Martha Fuechsel is a volunteer from Virginia.

She said, "There is a group of ten people, and only one knows what they are doing. In the end the house is finished, and it looks great. I've done roofing in past jobs. I had no idea how to roof."

Now they can hammer it out in a week, while getting to know a new family and experience a new culture.

This is far from a summer vacation. Talk about restoring the faith, these kids are actually paying to be here to help out complete strangers.

It costs them $250 each to help with food and lodging during their trip. These work materials were donated by the city of West Memphis. The city also helped get a list of needy families together.

Fuechsel said, "Its just an amazing thing to see people get what they need, and get what they deserve."

Johnny Gordon says he is thankful for these kids help, because a new coat of paint wasn't really in the budget this year. and he can't wait for his wife to see the finished product.

"She's going to like it, herself."