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Two dangerous Alcorn County inmates captured shortly after escape

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CORINTH, Miss. -- Two dangerous inmates overpowered a guard at the Alcorn County Detention Center Sunday afternoon, but their freedom was short-lived.

Sirdon Greer and Garnett Hughes  already faced a long list of charges and now more are on the way.

Tighter security measures at the facility in Corinth are already in place to prevent any more escapes from happening.

People who live near the jail, like Mary Robbins, are glad the criminals are back behind bars.

"I was at church when the preacher told us to be careful when we left church," said Robbins.

Sunday was anything but a day of rest for Robbins, who lives across the road from the Alcorn County Detention Center.

That's where inmates Sirdon Greer and Garnett Hughes escaped Sunday afternoon.

One of them overpowered a guard and got the keys to let the other inmate out of his cell. They even forced the guard to draw an escape map.

The whole mess kept Robbins on edge.

"I'm a widow and I'm here by myself. And if they break in on me I have no protection," said Robbins.

Greer and Hughes both ran out a gate and headed for the woods south of the jail.

Alcorn County Sheriff's Department Investigator Reggie Anderson said an army of lawmen, in addition to deputies, sprang into action to catch the pair.

"The Corinth PD, The Farmington PD,  The Wildlife, Fishery and Parks, Mississippi Highway Patrol and our EMA here in Alcorn County, " said Investigator Reggie Anderson.

After the pair split up, search teams caught Greer within 20 minutes and they found Hughes just before 8 p.m.

The two are "high risk" inmates - Greer is charged with murdering brothers James Copeland and Jerry Copeland on Feb. 13th and setting their home on fire to cover up the crime, while Garnett Hughes is charged with multiple counts of rape, armed robbery and kidnapping.

Because of their crimes, they were separated from other inmates and living in separate cells.

It's believed the cell of one of the escapees was unlocked during what is called a recreation break.

That's when the guard was overpowered and forced to open the other inmate's cell.

The jail immediately upgraded security after the escape.

Now every high-risk inmate will wear ankle chains and handcuffs when they're outside their cells. And they can expect additional guards around them as well.

"Anytime them guys come out, two guards will be with them. They'll handcuff, arms and legs and two guards will go down at all times when they are let out of the 'seg' cell," said Roger Settlemires, Chief Operational Officer.

As for Greer and Hughes, Investigator Reggie Anderson said, they're in deeper trouble now.

"They will be charged with felony jail escape and also assault on a correctional officer," said Anderson

The security guard did receive medical attention, but was not seriously injured.

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