Southaven teen found with sex offender in South Carolina

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ANDERSON, S.C. -- There’s not a parent in the world that doesn’t have some concern about who their children talk to, especially when they’re teenagers.

When a Southaven couple noticed their daughter missing, they turned detective and helped rescue her from what police call a dangerous situation.

Their 13-year-old daughter was later found in South Carolina with a registered sex offender. She was with 40-year-old Bobby Allen Osborne, who has several sexually related offenses on his record according to the sex offender database.

There’s almost nothing Katie Vesco doesn’t know about her daughter’s whereabouts.

”I go all through her stuff. I know all her passwords, her Facebook, I can log in anytime.”

And it’s just that same kind of vigilance Southaven police say helped rescue the 13-year-old from a 40-year-old sex offender.

Her parents reported her as a runaway, then learned the awful truth.

She’d been talking to a boy, who she thought was around 18, online.

”Her parents did a great job of monitoring, getting information on her computer,” Southaven Police Chief Tom Long said.

That alerted Southaven Police, who went to work on the case.

”We were able, with the help of several organizations, Verizon wireless, to establish where she might be.”

They learned Osborne had taken the girl all the way from her home in Southaven to South Carolina.


Numerous agencies worked together to find the girl who was taken into protective custody.

Police believe Osborne drove from South Carolina to Southaven to pick up the teen.

Osborne is being held and is awaiting extradition to Mississippi on a kidnapping warrant.

Police credit involved parents in finding the girl, and Katie Vesco says you can’t snoop too much.

”She was smart enough to bring me her phone when it happened to her. I’m not gonna let this happen again, heck no!”

Osborne could face life in prison if convicted on charges in Mississippi, but the district attorney says he’s considering letting the United States Attorney charge him with a federal crime, which gets even more jail time.


  • whoyoukiddin

    This would be one of the reasons a 13 year old does not need a cell phone. Kids are becoming dependent on too many digital items when they should be outside playing with friends and not chatting with unknown people.

  • Bytemeagain

    This dirtbag should be thrown under the jail. However, many 13 year olds today today are not completely innocent. Many are bombarded with more sexually explicit images and programming on a daily basis which makes them more curious about themselves and others.
    I schoolteacher friend of mine has told me of many incidences of teenaged girls and boys being suspended from school for sending sexually explicit selfies to boys and boys doing the same to girls from their smartphones. Smartphones without parental supervision open the door to allow pervs to lure children into situations like this. What can we expect when children see mama dressing like a hooker, wearing lycra/spandex leggings as pants, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake hair, and hooker heels like they’re on their way to or coming from a stripclub? They like the attention they’re getting from other teenaged boys, but older men and pervs are going after them too.

  • Aha!

    I am certainly glad this child was found. Mom and dad, now is your chance to limit all of this young lady’s means to communicate socially. A good old-fashioned spanking might do her some good, too. God knows that it is a good thing I did not do this as a child. My dad’s foot would still be up my a**.

  • Low Profile

    No one parents anymore. The parents of this child enabled this to occur by providing the means without the guidance and/or oversight. Until such faults are addressed, this sort of thing will happen again… and again… and again… without end.

  • ronleo

    3 comments with each assigning blame to a 13 year old child. You are all 3 pathetic! You have no idea what lies this monster told this child to get her into his car. But go ahead you sanctimonious d-bags, blame the child. Sheez!

    • Low Profile

      There have been sickos in society since we climbed out of the primordial ooze. My parents did a good job of warning me about them and preparing me to defend myself against them. I’ve never had a problem.

    • Low Profile

      And that blame is on the parents of the child. There have been, are, and will always be predators out there. They were born guilty. Not preparing your offspring sufficiently for survival should be an equally unsavory crime.

  • Low Profile

    Just curious. Has anyone yet actually sued their parents for doing a bad job? If that were an option, things might be a little different in this society.

    • Pam

      Well earlier this year some entitled h-o-e sued her parents because she moved out to be with her boyfriend and they decided not to pay for her college. Google for Rachel Canning. The lawsuit went nowhere thankfully and she wound up dropping it.

    • B

      Have you maybe ever thought that this can happen to ANYONES kids no matter how well they parent them? In the end it’s the kids decision on the things they do wrong.

  • hank wesson

    this is another sick morron that should be thrown somewhere in a dark hole with big bubba and never let out until bubba is finished with this sick morron

  • sophia

    what a fuck is this going on.. what .. I never thoughts that a 13 year old girl will share their virginity with an old.. its too fuck thing.. and have to punish that man

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