Report: Story of injured girl asked to leave KFC is a hoax

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JACKSON, Miss. — The story of a seriously injured three year old girl asked to leave a Jackson KFC because her injuries were scaring other customers is a hoax according to the Laurel Leader Call newspaper.

The paper quotes unidentified sources as saying the scheme helped the family bilk the public and professionals for more than $135,000 in cash as well as gifts and medical care.

Victoria Wilcher was severely disfigured by a pit bull attack at a relative’s home which required extensive care at a Jackson hospital.

The paper compared accounts of the alleged incident given by Victoria’s grandmother to reporters with the timeline of treatment and other medical care on a Facebook page set up for people to follow the girl’s story.  There are a number of places where the two accounts conflict.

Also, sources told the newspaper that surveillance video of both KFC restaurants near the hospital show no visits by a child matching Victoria’s description or even an order like the one the grandmother claims she placed.  The first KFC cited by the grandmother as the location has been closed for years.

An attorney for the family has released a statement criticizing the newspaper’s report.

The story generated massive negative publicity for KFC and has led to criticism and attacks on the managers of the two KFC locations there.

Read more about the case at the Jackson Clarion Ledger.


  • blahblahblah

    Grandma is probably gonna burn for this one, as she should. Sad she used her own granddaughter.

    • HopelesslyDepressed

      Desperate people. Pure desperation. The government is killing everyone. They claim the recession is over, but so many people are still out of a job. The middle-class market is falling apart due to health care, increased by Obamacare, and high taxes imposed on employers, killing jobs. People between the ages of 32-44 are being hit the hardest. Most, in the prime of their careers, saving for retirement, making payments on their homes, which they planned to earn equity toward their retirement. Social security will be gone for this generation as well. No retirement, no social security…where does that leave them? Why doesn’t anyone help them? Why doesn’t the senate pass tax credits to employers for hiring the long term unemployed? Why haven’t they done anything? They will wait til the last moment to act when the problem is now. These people are desperate. It is terrifying for them. Unless they act soon the middle-class will be gone in two generations time. More people will live in the streets, more people will develop mental conditions, more people will commit suicide, more people will turn to crime. Why won’t they stop this before it happens!? Why doesn’t anyone listen or care!? It will affect everyone! Email your local represenitive and tell them to solve this now or it will consume this country!

  • Debbie

    The little girl is the one I feel bad for. So now that it’s a hoax, will the doctors withdraw their offer of care, I wonder.

  • Christine

    To protect the interest of the child, all cash donations should be placed with the court in a interest bearing account. The funds will be held until the child reach the age of 18. After that she will receive a monthly stipend until the age of 25. After that if any money remains in the trust, she will receive a lump sum. Also this young child needs a pediatric psychiatrist to help her cope and deal with what she is going through. We live in a very cruel world and you all know that some people will tease her.

  • Shirley Crawford

    This is becoming a way of life for some people. ” HEY! I was a victim of …” Now feel sorry for me, and if I am real lucky I will make a killing. The more heart wrenching the better. It is worse than the folks who stand around with the signs. The ones hurt the most is the business. KFC should sue the family .. NO! then they would be the villain for being so heartless. I mean how can anyone sue over a lie about being mean to a kid that is all scared up ? It doesn’t matter they lied and profited . They need the money and you have plenty. SHELL OUT and give me all the free stuff !!

  • Navy Vet

    This is the reason to not give anyone cash donations. I help in other ways. I also involve my kids when I volunteer.

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