Protestors call for reversal of healthcare rate hike

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Several hundred City of Memphis employees, retirees and their supporters gathered around city hall Tuesday afternoon.

Carrying signs such as, "It's time to turn off the A C" they protested the proposal by Mayor A C Wharton and the decision by the city council to increase the cost of health benefits.

Rate for current employees will rise 24% while retirees will lose their subsidy in order to not raise property taxes and cut other programs.


  • Jim

    The ” leaders” of Memphis bought Redbird Stadium but cannot support city employees. Why don’t the city leaders take a cut in pay? Sadly the Memphis Sheep will continue to elect these fools again and again and again. Thank God I moved from the Memphis cesspool. If you vote for Myron And AC….YOU are part of the problem.

  • Tim

    I have no problem with the rate going up – mine has doubled in the past 3 years thanks to Obama – but the totality of what they have done will bleed this city. We have decent police although it is popular to talk bad about them. Our fire department and paramedics are one of the best in the country.

    Three years from now that won’t be the case…

    • Gonebabygone

      The residents who pay the taxes that pay police and fire budgets have been leaving for years. It was only a matter of time until the years of pet project spending cut into city employee compensation.

      And, how many of these politicians that spent so wildly and raised taxes sky high to pay for it were endorsed or backed by the employee unions protesting today?? The sad part about this is targets are now on the back of the ones trying to balance the budget and repair generations of terrible government. They will probably get ousted by more of the same old spend crazy folks that got the city here.


    Raising property taxes is NOT the only alternative. How about cutting the more than 100 million in corporate welfare Memphis gives out to corporations? More than any other state in Tennessee COMBINED!

  • Truthy

    All A.C. Wharton’s buddies with 100,000+ salaries should have been the first ones to go. They are worthless and a waste of money.

  • Bill Zebub

    When I’m elected Mayor of Memphis here’s the first 10 things I’ll do.
    Here’s 10 things I’ll do when I’m elected mayor;
    1. Cut 10% of the City work force
    2. Reduce all 6 figure salaries to 5.
    3. Freeze Property Taxes for my term
    4. Have rolling Curfews for high crime neighborhoods by Zip codes.
    5. De-annex Hickory Hill and Cordova.
    6. Stop the Minority requirements for City bids.
    7. Create a City Department that inspects all Rental properties(like a home inspector) for renters. The fee is paid by the Landlords.
    8. Vacant properties are taxed at 2X the current property tax rates. Vacant means an occupancy rate of less than 80% per address for a Calendar year.
    9. Reduce the MATA routes by 50% and make Tuesdays a ride free day for all Memphians.
    10. No new development contracts for Developers.

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