Passing it on to help a co-worker in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Paying it forward can be contagious. We see it all the time when playmakers pass on our $600 gift. Sometimes recipients will come back to us later and say, "Hey, I'd like to be a playmaker, too."

Such is the case this week. A co-worker who has a lot on her plate was surprised with $300 from WREG and 300 more from an anonymous donor in Collierville.

Elizabeth Bower received our Pass It On gift last year while going through some tough times with her mom. Now she says she wants to experience what it's like to be a playmaker.

"I waited for the right person and Kanisha touched my heart. She is a wonderful co-worker. We all love her."

SIMOS Insourcing on Hacks Cross Road provides temporary workers to large warehouse operations around town.

One day late last year, worker Kanisha Thomas had a terrifying experience.

"Her hand got caught in a conveyor."

That serious conveyor belt injury required months to heal.

"It was pretty bad. She almost lost her fingers, but fortunately she went to some great doctors who have healed her and she's doing great."

But she's had other things to deal with, too. A single mother of two, her 8-year-old son was recently in the hospital with meningitis, and her house was broken into.

Elizabeth tells us you'd never know it.

"She comes in every morning and the first thing she does is give everybody a hug."

Plus, Kanisha's engaged, so there are a lot of expenses.

We hid until the big moment. When we told her what's happening, it took a few seconds for Kanisha to even hold out her hand.

At first, she was more excited than anything.

"I can pay some bills!"

But as she walked away, she was overcome with emotion.

"God is good. Thank you, God. Thank you...Thank you all so much, News Channel 3. I really need it. I promise I do."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth quickly switched from tears to all smiles.

Kanisha had one more cosmetic surgery to go through, but her winning attitude has already paid off - the company was able to find a permanent full-time position for her.