Henri Brooks off Shelby County Commission due to residency

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Henri Brooks is being forced out from the Shelby County Commission after an investigation determined she does not live in her district.

After two recent incidents, Brooks was put in the spotlight, and questions about her residency were raised.

The county attorneys completed an investigation that determined Brooks does not reside in District 2, violating the County Charter's residency requirement.

"Therefore, the Commission should immediately declare the seat vacant, all salary and benefits must cease, and the Commissioner is no longer entitled to perform the functions of such office," county attorney Marcy Ingram said in an email to Chairman James Harvey.

You can read the report here.

Commissioner Terry Roland started questioning where Brooks lived after a woman filed charges against her over an argument at Methodist Central earlier this month.

Ingram said Brooks declined several interview requests to clear up the residency matter.

The report found Brooks has listed numerous addresses over the years for her work, license, and MLGW.

She used two as a commissioner, but doesn't live at either of them, and most neighbors haven't even seen her in the area.

The most recent address was in the 1800 block of Crump, where a neighbor said she "comes and goes" more like a friend.

Investigators say Brooks may live in Cordova, but they don't know for sure because she wouldn't talk to them.

We're working to find out if Brooks can appeal, and what she plans on doing.

Resolutions to notice the vacancy and appoint an interim commissioner have already been prepared.


  • Stupid dog

    So.. the groundwork has been laid. When asked county officials about her residency she refused to answer. I am confident that ole Warton Esq. has coached her well. In a year or two the taxpayers of Shelby County will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to the Warton clan when they represent Ms. Brooks in court. Fiddy cents for them fiddy cents for her. I hate this town.

  • Phyllis

    This the second time today that I have gone on this website and the second time that Norton has blocked a trojab worm, what is up WREG???????

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