Commissioner says Henri Brooks has committed crimes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County commissioner Terry Roland says former Commissioner Henri Brooks has big problems on her hands now that investigators say she lied about where she lived to serve on the board.

“She’s never lived in that district, she’s going to have to pay the money back and benefits back,” said Roland.

Roland said Brooks broke the law because she swore on her candidacy paperwork for Juvenile Court Clerk that she lived at a home Crump, which neighbors told both us and county investigators isn’t true.

“She’s committed a crime, several crimes” said Roland.

The report from investigators shows Brooks appears to live at a home off Houston Levee in Shelby County. People were inside but wouldn’t come to the doors for us, but neighbors say it’s Brooks’ home

“Since I’ve been here I know she’s lived across the street,” said Craig Daniel.

Brooks may have to pay back salary, her votes are in question as well as her future running for the juvenile court clerk post.

At this point it all will likely head to court. Memphis mayor A C Wharton, who still has a sign for Henri Brooks in his front yard, says court is where it belongs.

“I don’t go strolling across the mall and drinking out of somebody else’s Kool-aid. I’m sure that will end up in court and I’ll just let justice work its way,” said Wharton.


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