MPD officer charged with DUI after crash

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis police officer has been charged with DUI.

Terence Dabney is charged with a DUI after crashing his unmarked duty car early Sunday morning. Police said he crashed at East Parkway South and Walker near the Midsouth Fairgrounds after another car made a wrong turn.

Dabney, who was off duty at the time, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

During the investigation, it was determined he was intoxicated. Dabney has been charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, and refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test.

MPD policy states officers can use work cars to commute to and from the office and to run short errands while on the way. Using duty cars for anything else will land officers in trouble with the department.

Protocol calls for Dabney to be relieved of duty with pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

“Do you think it’s being blown out of proportion?” asked WREG.

“Yes,” Dabney responded.

From behind his front door, WREG asked Dabney if he was innocent.

“I will talk to you guys at a later date. Not right now,” he said.

Dabney, who has been employed with the Memphis Police Department since August 1999, has been in trouble before.

He was suspended from the police department for two days in 2011 for using a work computer improperly, and suspended one day in 2009 for causing “a verbal confrontation with uniformed patrol officers” at a carjacking scene.


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