MPD officer charged with DUI after crash

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis police officer has been charged with DUI.

Terence Dabney is charged with a DUI after crashing his unmarked duty car early Sunday morning. Police said he crashed at East Parkway South and Walker near the Midsouth Fairgrounds after another car made a wrong turn.

Dabney, who was off duty at the time, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

During the investigation, it was determined he was intoxicated. Dabney has been charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, and refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test.

MPD policy states officers can use work cars to commute to and from the office and to run short errands while on the way. Using duty cars for anything else will land officers in trouble with the department.

Protocol calls for Dabney to be relieved of duty with pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

"Do you think it's being blown out of proportion?" asked WREG.

"Yes," Dabney responded.

From behind his front door, WREG asked Dabney if he was innocent.

"I will talk to you guys at a later date. Not right now," he said.

Dabney, who has been employed with the Memphis Police Department since August 1999, has been in trouble before.

He was suspended from the police department for two days in 2011 for using a work computer improperly, and suspended one day in 2009 for causing "a verbal confrontation with uniformed patrol officers" at a carjacking scene.


  • Anonymous

    I wish I had a job where I was caught red handed doing something that should result in being fired, bet get a paid vacation instead. What a deal!

    • blahblahblah

      Then become a politician. They drive drunk and under the influence all the time. They commit fraud, write bad checks, don’t pay taxes, etc. and still WE, the taxpayers, continue to elect and pay them.

  • Bushman

    He should be fired from public service, fined for his DUI criminal actions, and NOT be entitled to any other benefits from public funds. Seems like the police department is not undermanned, it just has incompetents that do not perform to standard. If they whine about the work conditions, they are always free to find work elsewhere!

    • Jerry

      Don’t worry Bushman, they ARE leaving, in droves!! You don’t want police, you are fixing to get your wish, Bud.

      • Ching Ching 88

        I used to have a company vehicle. I knew that if I ever got a DUI i would be fired. So guess what? I never drank, and then drove. Who cares what his past is? Cops think they write laws and are not accountable for them. He needs to be fired. he knew he was intoxicated before he got behind the wheel. Ur argument means nothing to me

    • Keara

      First of all , WREG should get thier news story correct . He was NOT AT FAULT for the wreck the other driver was found to be at fault for making an illegal right turn . Second of all . Fire him ? Okay so what about his family , grandkids that he has to support . I’m guessing you’ve never made a mistake before in life huh ? The news is quick to report when someone makes a mistake but what about all the good he has done in the community they haven’t reported that . He saved lives , cleaned up the streets and does his job very well but he is human at the same time . People are so quick to judge but i guess it’s because none of you guys make mistakes.

      • KeepMeUpdated

        Making a mistake? Did you read the story AND understand the contents? (1) The guy has been reprimanded at work before (2) The guy was drunk (3) the guy was not working, and should not have been using his duty car at all! This fella has made more than one mistake in this (police) capacity!

      • Keara

        In trouble with the law before ?? Give me a break , his teenage daughter was ROBBED and the “uniformed” officers were more concerned with the fact that they didn’t like him as a person than the fact the robbers were next door at the gas station using her stolen credit cards . But anyway I have no desire to go back and forth with any of you , the blood of Jesus is all over this man and he will be fine as well as his job . Good thing none of you judgmental people are in control of that . Good day . God bless

      • KeepMeUpdated

        KEARA – Can you read? Do you comprehend logical sentences? No one, in any comment prior to this, said ANYTHING about the guy “being in trouble with the law before”. YOU, however, have volunteered to us some information: that he was, in fact, “in trouble with the law before”. You must know the guy personally, and have close ties to him, to know this much about him. YOU are providing information about some prior altercation that includes his daughter.

        So far as his family is concerned, and his responsibilities for their well-being, well – I guess he should have thought about this himself. HE is responsible for putting himself, and his family, and any friends he might have, in this position. So what if he was not at fault for the accident? He was still driving drunk (criminal offense), and also using tax-payer money by way of gas and vehicle, to violate provisions given to him through trust and commitment to his employment. He has broken these rules and values – and will be held accountable for his actions. His superiors know they are being tracked and watched, so they will react with the appropriate response(s).

        The Blood of Jesus is nowhere near this man, he is in Satan’s cloud! THANK YOU – and God Bless.

  • Hard Truths

    Suspended … WITH PAY — sickening. If he had a SHRED of integrity, he would resign immediately, instead of collecting his check until he gets convicted. And the reported facts leave no reasonable doubt that he WILL be convicted..

    What was he doing using his unmarked patrol car off duty, even if he had not been drunk?

    And I guess we all need to watch out for DRUNK MEMPHIS COPS driving patrol cars for now on.

    • John T. Dwyer

      Whether he resigns are is fired, he does have something called due process. Innocent until proven guilty, last time I checked.
      Now mind you, I have no love for drunk drivers. I was the one who had to go and identify my 13 year old cousin, and his two friends, smashed up at the morgue, by a drunk driver. I have personally handled accident scenes where people were splattered all over the street and trees, abutments, telephone poles, brick walls, etc., so I know whereof I speak. I don’t condone, nor will I ever approve getting behind that wheel with any amount of intoxicant in your system.
      We have become hardened against the system of justice in this country. We have gone to sleep to allow the government to tap our phones, read our mail, read our texts, and even who we like on Instagram. Now, when a policeman is nailed for something, the media jumps all over it and so are we.
      Had he been a returning veteran from 3 tours in Afghanistan or Iraq….who would have cared?
      He would have received an advisor from some “create a job” court set up to pander to the public. He would have been sent to the VA for treatment. He would have been sent to a rehab ranch somewhere to recover. His family would be entitled to that same VA/Court adviser on how to handle day to day running of the household. He then would have been able to go back to court and pay a small fine and then have his record expunged like it never happened. The ADA would have demanded he be put back in his old job, with no accounting for lost time. No harm and no foul.
      So why can’t a police officer receive the same treatment?

      Has anyone noticed at all, the name or the driving/arrest record, of the other driver in this incident?

  • jim

    its ok, but this person will not do antyhing that the law of memphis says. I got caught for 1st offense dui 13 years ago and 10 days at the penal farm, plus 3500 dollars etc. this guy is a cop and all will be forgiven because he is a cop. pretty sad, but that is the law in the snake pit of memphis courts.

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