Tigers top 10 in attendance… again

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – University of Memphis head coach Josh Pastner has said repeatedly that he will put Tiger Nation up against any other college basketball fan base in the country, and the NCAA Division I basketball home attendance figures for the 2013-14 season recently released prove the Tigers head coach correct.

For the fifth time in the last seven seasons, Memphis ranked in the top-10 in home attendance in NCAA Division I basketball.

The Tigers’ 2013-14 home attendance average was 16,121, which was No. 10 in the nation.

Memphis played 18 home dates and posted a 15-3 record in those contests.

Memphis is one of two American Athletic Conference programs ranked among the nation’s top-10 in home attendance, joining Louisville which is third. Connecticut is the third American Athletic Conference ranked in the top-50, coming in at No. 40.

Of the last seven seasons, Memphis also ranked among college basketball’s home attendance top-10 in 2007-08 (10th), 2008-09 (8th), 2009-10 (8th), and 2010-11 (8th).

The other two seasons – 2011-12 and 2012-13 – the Tigers just missed the top-10, coming in the No. 11 spot both campaigns.

It was the ninth-consecutive season Memphis ranked among the top-20 in NCAA Division I basketball home attendance.

In addition to the past seven seasons, the Tigers ranked 13th in 2005-06 and 16th in 2006-07.

Since the turn of the 21st century, the Tigers ranked among the top-20 for college basketball home attendance in 13 of the 14 seasons.

The only season Memphis did not rank among top-20 for home attendance was 2004-05.

In the four seasons prior to 2004-05, the Tigers rated sixth in 2000-01, 10th in 2001-02, seventh in 2002-03 and 10th in 2003-04.

During the 2013-14 season, Memphis became only the fifth NCAA Division I program to surpass the 4-million mark for home attendance in the 21st century (since 2000-01).

Memphis joined Kentucky, Louisville, North Carolina and Syracuse as the only five programs to reach that mark.

The following shows the Tigers’ NCAA Division I home attendance rankings since 2000-01:

Year Rank Year Rank

2013-14 10th 2006-07 16th

2012-13 11th 2005-06 13th

2011-12 11th 2004-05 —-

2010-11 8th 2003-04 10th

2009-10 8th 2002-03 7th

2008-09 8th 2001-02 10th

2007-08 10th 2000-01 6th