Operating budget angers current and former city employees

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis City Council this week passed a $600 million operating budget for fiscal year 2015.

But the big news came when council members made drastic changes to health coverage, including cutting insurance subsidies for city retirees.

Affected workers who packed City Hall left the meeting threatening to file lawsuits.

The Informed Sources discuss all of the implications of the council’s decision.


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  • Kaye McIntosh

    AND the biggest coward of all didn’t have the guts to show up during the unveiling…………..

  • What happens when you elect Idiots

    Everyone should file lawsuits for everything. I am tired of paying taxes for city crews to cut yards and remove trash from privately owned property. The city should give the bank or homeowner 30 days notice to clean it and if not then confiscate it. Add the cost of the cleanup, the property taxes and sell it for $1000. Problem solved and no cost to taxpayer. Same with someone caught dumping trash. Forget a $50 fine, make the bums pay the full cost of the cleanup. Quit using our tax dollars for Sears, Fed-Ex, baseball stadiums, trams, riverboat museums and other nonsense. if there is a market for it, if it is deemed profitable, then let the private sector do it. Public servants shouldn’t be retiring in their 50’s and drawing lifetime benefits for the rest of their lives. This is not brain surgery we are talking about here. Politicians have no business getting involved in anything that does not benefit society as a whole. I don’t care anything about baseball so why am I am paying for that boondoggle? Keep the city safe with fire and police, get good teachers and clean buildings for our schools and children, and keep your noses out of private sector business.

  • Long Gone

    Wow, the only thing you can say is back stroke. This is the city’s way of moving you off the city’s plan on to Barrycare. They drive the cost so high you have no choice but to sign up. Sorry if you didn’t see this coming. Welcome to Barry’s world.

  • Tony A

    Not sure why they are complaining .. they are about to go on the BEST healthcare system ever ! Obamacare ! They should be cheering in the streets !

  • Obamacare will save you money

    Remember all the arguments about Obamacare on the Commercial Appeal and other web sites for the last 5 years? How anyone that opposed Obamacare was a racist, a liar, wing nut, tea bag, or just a plain idiot? Remember how we were told we could keep our insurance, our doctors, and that costs would be LESS!!! Remember how not one Republican voted for this communist garbage and how Comrade Obama stood at that teleprompter and lied through his teeth for 4 years? Remember how the sheeple re-elected this lying communist who put an ornament of Chairman Mao on the White House Christmas tree? Remember when any sane, liberty loving, patriotic American told them they were fools? Remember how people said you cant add 30 million new people and pay less? Remember how our Supreme court said this was a tax and therefore was legal while government lawyers were arguing it wasn’t a tax? Remember how Obama said he would never raise taxes on anyone making less than 250k a year? Remember Pelosi saying we had to pass this tax to see what it said? Remember V.P. Joe Biden saying this is a big effing deal? Remember Obama saying America is the best country on earth, so vote for me and help me change it?
    Well where are all those OBAMACARE SUPPORTERS NOW???

    • It is the Law

      Just wait until next year when Obamacare kicks in for the large private companies. You will hear the people screaming from here to Shanghai. We have new citizens streaming across our borders at this very moment and remember EVERYONE BY LAW MUST BUY INSURANCE or pay a “shared responsibility fee” !! ( I just love the way politicians use phrases that cover their double talk.) All these new citizens will have to be subsidized so premiums are going to rise again next year comrades. My gosh we have already gone from 57 states down to 50 under this president and in 2 more years we will be down to none the way it is going. Wait a minute, that’s what Lenin said: A classless stateless society.

  • Stabbed in the Back

    i am sick on the media carrying the water for the mayor, leaving 60 year old widows with a $1500 a month pension and no social security without healthcare is not courageous. This braindead “political analysis” lady hasn’t never had her income cut 90 percent without warning and without mercy and the people who cut it called heros. The mayor and city council have no conscience. There is plenty of fat to cut in the city budget without going after the retirees, but when the mayor’s $100,000 dollar a year driver is off limits what do you do.

    Ok, if you wish to make the City Workers like the private industry then do so, Have the city pay social security (which they don’t do) have them pay into a pension fund, which they almost have not been doing. And put the city under internal auditors and make them follow the laws…WREG should get more than one side of the story.

    • Cry me a river

      $1500 a month pension!! My 84 year old Mother would be rich with that kind of money. My Mother gets $800 Social Security and no pension and lives in subsidized housing in Midtown. Her rent is 1/4th of her SS so she pays $200 per month utilities included, and gets $52 a month in food stamps. She refuses to live with any of her 4 children and has a great time in the retirement community she lives in. The 4 of us chip in and pay her phone bill, cable tv, and buy her groceries. So she has $550 left over every month and is better off than many that live there with no children. And 60 years old? Are you kidding me? Why isn’t she working to get some extra income? Why doesn’t she sign up for TnCare or Obamacare insurance where she can get insurance for under $200 until her Medicare kicks in at 65? How many 60 year old widows are we talking about here? For some reason your post is falling on deaf ears with me. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying but 60 years old and $1500 a month looks pretty good in my view.

      • Stabbed in the Back

        Sorry about your mother’s problem, and what does that have to do city employees that worked for 30 plus years? A police officer that was shot in the line of duty and served the city 33 years for the city and now will have no insurance. Your argument is that none of us should do the hard jobs that require risk, don’t prepare for the future. City workers don’t get social security, so take that $1500 and subtrack $1100 for her insurance, that leaves $400 of the pension left, sounds like your mother has a better deal and never had to serve for 30 years……

  • D.Slayer

    If you work for Memphis look above and see what the public really thinks of you!!!
    If you can please find employment where the community cares that you risk your life day in and day out. That your family watches the news and shares in your emotional suffering. These people who have made these comments are not worth your continued risk. GET OUT NOW!!!!

    • Put the blame where it belongs

      I do not see one disparaging post directed at the policemen, fireman, nor any other public worker. Every post I see is directed at the politicians who made promises they cannot keep. I see posts that put the blame where it belongs, on skyrocketing insurance costs that is a direct result of our President and his party. Even the city cannot be held DIRECTLY responsible for this socialist healthcare program, that says everyone must buy it. And not only must we buy it but the Federal government has stipulated what kind of insurance we must buy thereby directly causing the insurance companies to rewrite policies that meet the criteria imposed on us by the Federal Government. For 5 long years there have been thousands of articles on this issue so this is not new. How was the city to know when these promises were made that healthcare costs would explode under a new Federal Program that didn’t exist until 5 years ago? When millions of people are being subsidized for their insurance someone has to pay for it. Insurance companies run there statistics and calculate a premium based on medical data, calculate the costs of these new mandates, add on their profit and here are the numbers. I fully understand the frustration and anger being exhibited but governments are not exempt from this new Federal Monstrosity our government has imposed upon us, that will be enforced by of all agencies, the Internal Revenue Service. Don’t be mad at the messenger, direct your anger toward the one who wrote the message. This is the government the American people wanted, voted for, and now we must deal with those decisions. I do not know of one person who is mad at these public servants, many of us have relatives and friends who work for the city but unless you want to raise taxes every year then this is what we are stuck with.

      • What is a subsidy

        Good post but you forgot to explain how Obamacare works. If the insurance companies calculate that on average an insurance policy costs $1000 for everyone then everyone pays $1000. But if 10 people get it for free then 10 other people have to pay $2000 so that it averages out to the $1000. If a million people get it for $200 then a million other people must pay $1800. Welcome to Socialism 101.

      • D.Slayer

        The City choose not to fully fund the pension, while at the same time AC Wharton hired people at higher pay and created new ones. Give incentives, build docks for private non profits, baseball stadiums, and many other non essential projects. And what I hear is cry me a river, you get to much, go get another job. I choose to be a firefighter!!! When I asked for a Job they told me what benefits I would earn. There was no negotiation. I like many others have worked our whole life’s planning on retirement with what we were promise. Now the ones of us who have retired or are preparing to retire are being cheated by the slimy politicians YOU elected and NO one cares. Again if you work for the city and can LEAVE, LEAVE NOW!!!! This will only get worse!!!! and the citizens think its funny.

  • Put the blame where it belongs

    D Slayer I am in your camp. I never vote for an incumbent. I did not vote for Obama either time. I do not think it is funny. I am against government involvement in sports teams and private projects. When you were hired there was no Obamacare. The city, the private sector, any and all could buy the type of policy that fit their needs and budget. THAT IS GONE!! I went to school with the ex fire chief smith, and many of my high school friends were firemen and policemen and mostly retired now. I have a cousin who is retired from the police department. You are mad as a hornet and I don’t blame you but the question is where is the money supposed to come from to pay for these increased costs in insurance? Personally I would raise taxes to keep the promises that were made. All new hires would be given a raise to get their own insurance. All new hires would be on 401k’s with the city matching the funds. The 401k’s would be in the employees name to keep, using your words which I agree with, the slimy politicians from getting their grubby little hands on it. I am with you and some people show their frustration with their snide little remarks in these posts, but it is a serious issue. Hoping the best for you and maybe these slimy politicians will come back to the table and try to work out someway to keep their promises. Maybe someday the people of this nation will come back to their senses and elect people that look out for the public good instead of their own slimy self interests and using public money to hire their cronies. Good luck.

    • D.Slayer

      I agree, the changes that are made need to done with the people that are being hired. I’m not happy about it, but they go in with there eyes open. I’m not even that upset with the increase with my healthcare premiums. I’m livid about the friends i have that are heroes in my eyes being the scapegoats for the likes of Wharton,Flynn,Strickland and Conrad who cant walk a foot ,much less than a mile, in there shoes. Shame on this city and the slime that rules it!!!! Again if you do not have tenure LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    City workers have what we in the Private Sector call Dream Benefits. Unbeleivable benefits that allows someone in their 40′s to retire for the rest of thier life in comfort. some will even Double Dip, they’ll retire from one Division and go to work in another and pick up retirement from that one too. All on the government dole. It’s a great gig, a real! Dream gig if you can get it. I overheard a Corporal for the Police Department complaining about all of the Policemen leaving the force because of the cuts. I asked City Hall for a list and there’s not one avaialable so it’s a lot of BS. He also said he’d worked for 33 years, and he’s thinking about retiring at 51 years of age. Really? 51 years old and you really think you should be able to retire. Anyone know what you get in the private sector for SS at 51 yeers old?

    Since you’re Boycotting, why not get the list of Pilot companies in Memphis and Shelby County and Boycott them, I do.
    Contact both Mayors offcies and ask for copies. You’d be suprised by who’s scartching the City Councils back.

  • Truthy

    All the city is doing is dumping their employees into ObamaCare. If you voted for Obama, shut your mouth and enjoy your healthcare. You were warned night and day for years and years that ObamaCare would ruin existing healthcare plans. You didn’t listen and called anyone who warned you a “racist.” Now shhut your mouth and enjoy your ObamaCare. Don’t like it? Well then, I guess you must be a racist, lol.

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