Memphis Mayor A C Wharton in car accident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Mayor A C Wharton was involved in a car accident late Sunday afternoon.

It happened in the 3000 block of Park and Echles street.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

The investigation to what caused the accident continues.


  • Bushman

    Oh yeah – whatever happened to that friend of his – the lady with the big nose that flunked out of law school, declared bankruptcy a few years ago, beat up some other lady at the hospital, and was attempting to serve public office illegally by claiming a faulty residence? Is she in jail yet?

    • Bill

      She was having dinner at Pete and Sams last night around 4:30. When the accident happend they had to hide her so an undercover officer took her to the Resteraunt to hide out.

  • TheTruth

    Like Wharton or not, he’s done a much better job as mayor of an already corrupt city full of drug dealers and gangstas and racists who are black than Herenton ever did here. It’s not a coincidence too that so many positive developments around town are happening under his watch that would have never happened under Herenton’s.

  • Kay

    He is no better than willie h, just a sneakier and quieter version, still a lawyer, a politician and a liar

  • Hard Truths

    He got pretty far on being Not Wilie, but he is nothing more than a placeholder, an insignificant, transitional figure.

    I say this after voting for him the last four times.

    Willie’s corrupt gang still runs the city and steals at will.

    And A C seems not to give a rat’s patootie.

  • Kevin

    yeah … lets get some hick red-neck in office like we had before Herenton …. that will calm you stupid folks down I guess. I would like to have Herenton back in office. At least he did for the people of this city regardless of how these bigoted white people whine and cry. He wasn’t just some scared little puppet like the fool that holds the office now …

  • Ken Ow

    Ok, the accident was not his fault but what happens next needs some explaining by his office. #1 After the accident on his $1300 a month car, this guy turns on his car’s blue lights which a normal citizen would perceive to be a sworn police officer. This act further intimidates the other driver. Ok, the last mayor that did that (Greg Davis) was charged with impersonating a law enforcement official, after all he is not a sworn police officer. Why does he get away with that? #2 Why is it that the news spends 2 seconds reporting this story but if a police officer was involved the news stations will do whatever they need to do to interview witnesses, push for the officer to be charged, go to city hall and ask for opinions and then go to Tony Armtrong’s office and tell him what they would like to see done to the officer. I guess this is just what happens in Memphis.

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