Should Mayor Wharton distance himself from Henri Brooks?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Due to all the recent trouble Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks has found herself in, many are questioning her close ties to the family of Mayor A C Wharton.

One of Wharton's sons is her attorney and his wife is a major player in her campaign.

Otis Sanford joined us to talk about whether the Mayor and his family should distance themselves.


  • 100

    No. Let lil ac whoreton stick close to henri’s back so that they can all go down burning together. That lil terd dwarf is killing this city. We can be rid of two kidney stones at once.

  • Annoyed

    If you did not ask to be here, and you are not happy here, then leave. That goes for any race. The Hispanics are fighting to be here, many of them risked their lives to be in this country. Henri, you were born here just like the rest of us. Here you are, an elected official and a public figure, ungrateful to be a part of the community you represent. You are not supposed to represent ONE race. You are supposed to represent an entire community.

    • KeepMeUpdated

      Great comment, too (as for Henry Crooks, I wonder what part of the world she came from, and if she did not ask to be here, WHY THE HELL SHE HASN’T LEFT YET?!?! Or did she just show up like the plague…

  • Hard Truths

    IMHO the Mayor is endangering his re-election prospects by not rebuking this clueless ra cist thu gette.

    She needs to be in a psychiatric ward, not public office.

    But Ms. Ruby has SPOKEN.

    • KeepMeUpdated

      Actually, she belongs in jail first – then maybe she can get the psychiatric help and counseling she needs (but why waste the time and money on this lost cause? )

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