Robbers busted for plotting to steal from their own drug dealers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It was like a scene right out of an action movie, playing out on the streets of Memphis.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit said they brought down two men trying to rob their own cocaine dealers.

Verdell Pegues and Christopher Williams are in jail, charged with aggravated robbery, conspiracy, and possessing cocaine and firearms.

However, just a day ago, they were working alongside an undercover officer.

A report shows they told the officer they would ambush a house where their own cocaine dealers were. They said there would be two armed men at the door guarding it, and that the undercover officer might have to shoot them.

The undercover officer told Williams and Pegues to meet him at the Delta Express gas station on Sycamore View.

They moved guns from one vehicle to another, and the officer told them to follow him to a storage facility where there was a rental car waiting.

They were then going to take it to the house they planned on robbing.

However, once they got to the storage facility, officers were already waiting.

Both men were arrested.

Some wonder, considering who the two were targeting, if that was the best move.

"I think there are times when street justice is justified," one woman said.

The dealers have not been arrested, and officials say this is part of a bigger undercover operation.

Some said they are just happy to have two fewer criminals on the streets.

"It seems like you take one off the street, and two more come back on the street," a Memphis man said. "So, maybe it will give the next person something to think about before they try it."