Rape suspect captured; victim played dead to escape

kelvin montgomery mug

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man wanted for a violent rape has been taken into custody.

Police say Kelvin Montgomery, also known as RJ, kidnapped and repeatedly raped a woman in East Memphis Sunday night.

The victim said he beat her for hours until she was found running down the street handcuffed and naked.

“The whole incident was extremely traumatizing. Horrific. Something right out of a horror move,” said one of the victim’s friends, who didn’t want to give her name for safety reasons.

Friends said they barely recognize their friend. She just got out of the hospital after they said was drugged, kidnapped and taken to a home on Willow Road.

“He beat her. He tried to kill her. She had to pretend to be dead before he stopped,” said the friend.

The victim told her friends Montgomery tormented and teased her for hours.

“He was laughing at her and saying things. Horrible things to her,” said the friend. “She refused to die.”

The victim told her friends when Montgomery fell asleep, she sneaked out.

“She said her brain went into survival mode, and she just got out of there,” said the friend.

The victim got help from a neighbor, but by the time police got there, Montgomery wasn’t there.

The victim likely has nerve damage and internal bruising, but physically, she’s expected to be OK.


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