Questions raised about homeless veteran

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is new information about a homeless veteran living in his car WREG first told you about earlier this week.

A viewer told News Channel 3 there is an active warrant out for Lonnie Whitfield on a domestic assault charge.

WREG called Whitfield, who confirmed the information is true.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on May 1, 2014.

Whitfield claims it was a misunderstanding with his ex-wife and she wants to drop the charges.

WREG spoke with Whitfield’s ex, who said the situation was blown out of proportion and that they called police together after arguing.

She told us she had a hangnail before the fight and when he grabbed for some keys, the hangnail tore and started bleeding a little bit.

She said the two are friends now and she supports him.

The veteran, who said he’s been living in his car for three weeks after his roommate moved unexpectedly, said he will turn himself in.

​Whitfield had received an outpouring of support from people wanting to help, many offering to donate hotel rooms, furniture, and even money.


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