Questions raised about homeless veteran

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is new information about a homeless veteran living in his car WREG first told you about earlier this week.

A viewer told News Channel 3 there is an active warrant out for Lonnie Whitfield on a domestic assault charge.

WREG called Whitfield, who confirmed the information is true.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on May 1, 2014.

Whitfield claims it was a misunderstanding with his ex-wife and she wants to drop the charges.

WREG spoke with Whitfield’s ex, who said the situation was blown out of proportion and that they called police together after arguing.

She told us she had a hangnail before the fight and when he grabbed for some keys, the hangnail tore and started bleeding a little bit.

She said the two are friends now and she supports him.

The veteran, who said he’s been living in his car for three weeks after his roommate moved unexpectedly, said he will turn himself in.

​Whitfield had received an outpouring of support from people wanting to help, many offering to donate hotel rooms, furniture, and even money.


  • SMH

    That grin he had just didn’t look right. Too bad. There are plenty of other returned soldiers down on their luck who need help foe real.

  • yuri mali

    here come the comments from people spreading there ultimate wisdom..because they are perfect beings who have never did anything wrong….by the grace of god no doubt…

    • Don

      Could be a judge may decide if the dude will decide if he gets a place to live with room and board, and maybe some rent.

  • Kendrick Hope

    All people do nowadays is try to get dirt on people, like they’re,” so holier than though” and are living the life of nothing ever goes wrong. I hope none of you so high and mighty never fall from your high horse and need a hand up, cause that same dirt you throw will get kicked right back in your face.

  • Ima

    Well the James Knowles guy using this story to promote his “Love Project” and claims he is starting a non profit is a convicted felon (look him up on shelby county general/criminal court website), has a history of charges also including domestic violence and is a dead beat dad…he owes thousands in back child support but is now wanting you to send him money to help veterans…I am all for helping someone but this is ridiculous….If you are going to do a story on something…you should investigate the people you are promoting….instead you gave credit to a man claiming to be homeless with a active domestic violence warrant and a convicted felon trying to get peoples money to help him…..

    • canadianwhiskeygirl wreg found out he has an actIve bench warrant for the reason stated. wreg.states they called hIs ex wIfe and so on. ok now, u state u found out all kInds of.stuff about that james knowles. stIll tryn get In jssI, see that myself.

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        yes, people do change, smh. ok…I dId fInally got Into jssI. now, IF thats the one and same james knowles, yes.he does have an extensIve record.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    havent read a sIngle post about anyone callIng the marInes and askIng about thIs guy. best way I know to ck the valIdIty of that claIm

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    fInd out how long he was In the marInes, any awards, etc…honorable or dIshonorable dIscharge

  • Learn something

    For all of the comments posted, I just wanted to say this the may had a honorable discharge first and foremost, we tax payers pay the government for unexpected situations like this !!!!! Oh my bad the illegal immigrants , people crossing our borders get all the help they live 20 to a house the walk in cant comprehend and leave out with everything in hand food stamps etc…….. But you mean to tell me our government doesn’t have enough money to help someone that put his life on the line for his own country AMERICA it’s something wrong with this picture !!!!!!! It doesn’t matter what went on with that man and his x wife that’s his past and clearly it has nothing to do with him prospering in the future……… Things happen in life , and if you live in Memphis u know that our Police Dept is full of corrupt officers….. People please stop trying to throw salt on this man.. If you were homeless what would you do? So if you can’t answer this question done knock the situation until you try it !! I pray he gets everything he needs and desires!!!!! I wish this man nothing but good !!!!

  • Learn something

    The man had a honorable discharge !!!!!! He doesn’t deserve to be homeless !!!!!!!! Something is wrong with our government !!!!!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    u know whats really sad, learn somethIng, 20/30 yrs ago, noone would have questIoned anythIng, taken the story at face value, jumped In, trIed to help thIs man. anymore?!!……

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    of course back then, we dIdnt have Illegals lIvIng on every corner, gettIng govt handouts out the a$$!! I agree, the govt has gone to the dogs!!

  • Theo

    Wow yall let this dude run game on yall. You guys are the news, when this young I mean very young man called you; you didn’t think to investigate? Nowppeople all around the world spending their hard earned money to help someone who is lazy and doesn’t want to work. Who contacted who? He plotted this whole thing. I bet he called you guys. This world, and 28 come on now. If you work 2 part time jobs in Memphis you can afford a nice apartment in a decent area. I understand he’s in school which the government and our tax dollars pay for. I’m just upset this made National news before we, our community decided to investigate. You have real people in need such as a single mother or someonewitywith health issues. I remember asking for food stamps when I was sick and could not work. But being I received a $200 check once a weekI was ddenied. Despite the fact I had 3 kids to take care of. But look at God he saw me out. Karma is in effect Mr. Whitfield!

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