Obama figurines placed in urinals

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Source: CNN

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Organizers of a conservative conference are trying figure out who put figurines of President Obama in urinals at their conference.

The Freedom and Faith Coalition is a group of conservative Christians meeting to put together their strategy for this year.

A reporter for the Huffington Post noticed the figurines when he was using the bathroom and snapped a picture.

The figurines were reportedly removed within a few minutes of the picture being posted to twitter.

The organizers of the conference have not commented on the prank.


    • jihn

      Your are just mad that your lifestyle didnt turn out like you had planned. When your done talking and making comments on this page, Obama is still the president of the U.S.A. and one of the most powerful men in the world. You dont have any power but to express your salty, jealous comment. Now you and the rest of the redneck crew get y’all a.z.zes back to work pay your taxes so Obama’s peeps can live for free.

      • impulse item

        You have nothing to say about him being a liar and an idiot so, I take it that you agree with me on that part.

  • Sheisty Preacher

    “Freedom and Faith Coalition”……

    Ha! Typical cowardly actions by people that want to appear as *upstanding and righteous.* Stop pretending to be something you are not! Don’t try to run and remove the evidence when you get caught. There is nothing worse than FAKE PEOPLE.

    • Sheisty Preacher

      Freedom of expression is something that artist do. They are unafraid of the reaction they will get for their artistic expressions. These people are COWARDS, not artist. Why remove the figurines when pictures of it hits the net? To conceal the fact that dome of these GOOD OLD CHRISTIAN folk are really nothing but a bunch of FRAUDS, who are trying to portray an image of Godliness? At least most Godless heathens have the courage to let peopl know what they are really about, instead of pretending.

  • Hard Truths

    This is exactly how I expect “Christian” theocrats to behave.

    There is NOTHING Christlike about these “Christian” big ots.

  • Truthy

    Democrats are, and will ever be, hypocrites. They insulted Bush in the same way and they know it. Now shut your mouths while I relieve myself…

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  • 100

    Obama urinal hahhahahaha. That’s funny. They should have George Bush Jr toilet paper to conplete the set!

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