Crazy twists in Mississippi’s Republican Senate race

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- The Republican candidates for Senate are relying heavily on votes in Desoto County. In fact, one of the candidates is even pandering to Democrats to turn out and vote for him on Tuesday.

"Wow, I mean that doesn't make sense to me," said one woman at the Cracker Barrel who didn't want to give her name.

One African-American church, known for supporting Democrats, is now stumping for Thad Cochran, encouraging parishioners to vote for Cochran on Tuesday.

"Why would you be a Democrat and be saying, Vote for a Republican,' unless there is a strategy behind it?" asked one Mississippi voter.

Cochran's team says it didn't reach out to the Democratic leaders, and gave WREG this statement:

"We're talking with voters throughout the state who believe in Thad's conservative message -- black, white, young, old, woman, or man."

Friday, his opponent Chris McDaniel was in Southaven and questioned Cochran's conservative stance.

McDaniel said, "We've known Thad Cochran has been a liberal Republican his entire life. That's been confirmed now because he's asking liberal Democrats to come over to the Republican primary to save his seat."

But McDaniel is also under fire for accepting donations from a man with ties to the KKK, which he denies.

"It didn't happen. The reality is if it happened we'll return the money. But these are the distractions we've been fighting the entire time."

Voters who didn't hit the polls in the primary are now questioning if they should next week.

What we do know is Desoto County will play a big role in Tuesday's run-off.

Earlier this month, McDaniel won big in the state's biggest county. If he does again, he could be the Republican candidate for Senate.


  • Mary McGraw

    Need term limits, not career politicians!!! Yes, we need new blood in the U.S. Senate! Voters have wanted a change in Washington from the career politicians—don’t complain if you vote to send those back to Washington. Chris McDaniel is a good conservative candidate in touch with reality and we need him in Washington. Vote Tuesday for McDaniel!!!

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