City Council denies money to fight crime, blight in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The search is on for the person who killed 18-year-old Cordarrius Norment in front of a house on the 4900 block of Ajanders.

“He was a fun person, kind person, he ain’t mess with nobody,” Andrea Norment said. “I don’t know why they…I don’t know why they did…that was my little cousin.”

The tears, flashing lights, and crime tape is a familiar scene for people who live in the Frayser community.

The Frayser Neighborhood Council is trying to change that.

“So we took a plan to the council to try to get their support to do something about it,” Charlie Caswell said.

The organization’s $500,000 proposal got the boot during the city council meeting this week.

“Training block captains right. Having residents to becoming block captains on their block and getting more engaged with the neighbors to try and watch and be eyes and ears on their block,” Caswell said.

The plan also included fighting blight in the area by cutting back grass and getting dilapidated houses demolished.

“We was told basically we may want to look down the road at another opportunity to come to them with the plan,” Caswell said.

However, with crime still happening and no new money planned to go toward changing it, Caswell said it sends the wrong message to the community.

“I think the criminals said ‘well okay they’re not going to get any help.’ The residents said ‘the help is not coming’ and I think it lowered the morale of people,” Caswell said.

Police are still working to figure out who shot the teenagers and why.


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