Abandoned apartments to be demolished

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Construction equipment was moved into place Friday night, finally a sign that the old abandoned apartments near Winchester and Cazassa will be gone for good.

Mayor Mark Luttrell says demolition will begin Monday. The county took control of an unnamed complex on the west side of the intersection when the owners stopped paying taxes.

The property will now be given to a non-profit group headed by George Cates. The non-profit is in talks with a potential buyer, and they're paying to knock them down and sell the land to build something new.

“I want some people over there, if they put some people in it would be great,” said Edward Saddlewhite.

He owns a barbershop next door. He's all for knocking down the abandoned buildings, but says there's no help for him unless they put in more places for people to live and bring people back to this section of Winchester Road near the airport.

“If they're not going to put nothing else there what's the purpose?” asked Saddlewhite.

A clean slate is the hope.

Mayor Wharton has pledged to knock down Winchester Garden apartments, which are also abandoned just across the street. It’s all in hopes that the area becomes more appealing for whatever buyer wants to come in and build.


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