Rape suspect on the run after victim plays dead to escape

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for a man they say kidnapped and repeatedly raped a woman in East Memphis.

The victim said Kelvin Montgomery, who some may know as RJ, beat her for hours until she was found running down the street handcuffed and naked.

Friends hit East Memphis posting wanted flyers. They printed out thousands, taping them to poles and handing them out to neighbors, to warn women all over.

"The whole incident was extremely traumatizing. Horrific. Something right out of a horror move," said one of the victim's friends, who didn't want to give her name for safety reasons.

Friends said they barely recognize their friend. She just got out of the hospital after they said was drugged, kidnapped and taken to a home on Willow Road on Sunday night.

"He beat her. He tried to kill her. She had to pretend to be dead before he stopped," said the friend.

The victim told her friends Montgomery tormented and teased her for hours.

"He was laughing at her and saying things. Horrible things to her," said the friend. "She refused to die."

The victim told her friends when Montgomery fell asleep she snuck out.

"She said her brain went into survival mode, and she just got out of there," said the friend.

The victim got help from a neighbor, but by the time police got there, Montgomery wasn't there.

Her friends are afraid Montgomery skipped town. They are begging people to come forward if they have any information.

"We are going to try to get his face out there and hope someone has seen him," said the friend. "She will have scars from this forever."

The victim likely has nerve damage and internal bruising, but physically, she's expected to be okay.

There is a reward for Montgomery. All you have to do is call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.


  • Dr. JohnS

    Such a cowardly man, I hope they catch him soon before he finds another victim. I pray for full recover of the woman and may her battle scars heal.

  • TPA

    This savage sub-human animal needs to go into the ground,,,not jail…look at him,, he is evil all over…

  • hank

    miss c

    Where are all of the whiteracists now with their ccomments?? Had it been a black man the forum would overflow with racist comments,

    good question….probably on the same wave link that you’re on. You know…never mind the tragedy at hand. As you say…it’s always black and white when it comes to these things.

    • pu5h3r

      You know what? F*&% you for bringing using the “oppressed card” while this HUMAN is traumatized for life. I swear! I don’t care if you’re black, white, green or a mix, you don’t bring up THAT when THIS is happening. I remember running into this guy at an East Memphis bar and was completely creeper out. The comments he would make towards the waitresses and bartenders was unsettling to say the least…
      But F*&% You, Hank or Miss C! You’re an absolute embarrassment to the human race.

    • Thischick

      It’s a white guy, so we get a racist of color. No matter what the story, some idiotic racist has to say something. It doesnt matter the flavor. Grats on being the jerk racist for this story. Neverminding the horror of it, and the poor woman who was so severely traumatized. It’s about race. Stupid people like you, are what keeps the racial divide alive.

  • 122811

    Im sure he had a perfectly good reason for his actions…..he mad a mistake he will get off im sure lol

    • blahblahblah

      Have you ever watched the Chappelle show? Chappelle did a skit as a blind black k k k guy….when they finally told him he was black he divorced his wife for being black lover.

  • Stacey Wardlaw

    Mrs C.
    I really do not think this is the forum for you to spew your hate. This is about finding the dirtbag who has done a horrible crime

  • Jay

    I used to work for this man and knew him. He always creeper me out. Every time he came around I ducked and dodged him cuz he just gave me a weird vibe. I also feel for the victim and I also feel for all the people all over the city of Memphis that has had this man in their homes working on their appliances.I really do hope that they catch him.

  • Jay

    He also has a giant noticeable scar across his bald head and everyone I know called him the crack headed bulldog

  • Nanato2

    Are all you people that know, or knew, this man personally letting the police know EVERYTHING you can about him and his habits? PLEASE call and give them any information available to you.

    • pu5h3r

      I have let all of the regulars at SAID bar know to be on the lookout for him. I can’t remember the make/model of the truck he drives but either a Dodge Ram or a Chevy Silverado-type truck. He was very adamant about his divorce and where his ex-wife lived. The dude has kids… Kids coming from this scumbag makes you scratch your head.

  • ladybug26185

    The system is totally screwed up. Let someone yell a racial slur and they get the book thrown at them. Let someone do what this guy did to that woman and they tell him good job. No wonder there are so many criminals running around. They know they can get away with it. These people need to realize that words can’t hurt you but what this guy did will damage you, mentally, physically, and emotionally forever. They need to castrate this guy and put him away for a very very long time. If letting him go is called justice then where does protection fall into place? If this is protection who needs it? Ladies it’s time to learn how to shoot a gun for protection.

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