Mom turned in son for stealing from neighbor

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A mom turned in her own son for stealing from a neighbor.

The woman told police $600 worth of lawn equipment was sitting in her house and it was her son who swiped it.

Carlos Armstrong, a woman who lives in the neighborhood, knows being a good mother means teaching your kid a lesson at times.

"You want to teach your child to be responsible, to be a productive citizen, and to you know just do the right thing," Armstrong said.

Police said when a mother found her 15-year-old son behaving badly she called police on him.

"I don't fault her for doing that because it's the right thing to do you know," Armstrong explained.  "You try to train your children up, try to teach them the right things, but it's the child who ultimately makes up their own mind."

WREG dug up a police report revealing the teen's mom found a stolen lawn mower and hedge trimmer in her house.

The lawn equipment was stolen from a home in the 4400 block of Cloudburst.

The person who lives at the home filed a report last week detailing she was robbed while out of town.

"I imagine she's probably embarrassed about it as well. I know I would be," Armstrong said.

The teen didn't act alone.

According to police, 19-year-old Jaquario Herron was also a part of the heist.

A woman claiming to be Herron's mom answered the door when WREG went to his home.

The house was right around the corner from the robbery.

"He robbed a neighbors house? Jaquario never robbed anybody's house," the woman yelled.

When WREG tried asking more questions, the woman slammed the door and never returned.

"Well now that you say they lived in that house, the police stay there all the time," Armstrong said.  "So it's no big surprise."

Both of the guys are charged with aggravated burglary and theft.

Herron is expected in court on June 26 and is locked up on $7,500 bond.

It is unclear if the 15-year-old will face charges as an adult.


  • 1midtownmike

    The problem with a lot of colored youth today is they hear a parent in their defense saying “he didn’t do nothin’ wrong” and then within’ 10 years that youth has been tried as an adult and is getting raped by a 300 lb gorilla in the prison system.

      • 1midtownmike

        Thank you Pam.

        What does the “C” in NAACP stand for?

        Ain’t it great that hard core rappers can throw the “enn” word around like confetti on New Years Eve but God forbid any of another race……thanks for exposing the double standard and hypocrisy in today’s society KT1128!

        Great job!

      • KT1128

        NAACP was found in 1909, at that time that’s what we were called, later we were call negro, then afro American and now African Americans. Myself I just say black just like you are white. I agree with you about how the rapper use the N word, but all rappers are not black.. I am in the military and I have travel all around the world, there is racism everywhere. I have never seen it as bad as it is here, in every news story the blogs turn into race. The bad thing is that you still live here and that’s the way you feel about things and you never do anything to change it but talk. Know history before you make a comment.

  • Errin

    Turning in your own son for stealing…..Way to go Mom. I got a feeling this ain’t her son’s first rodeo. This other mom needs to throw her hood rat son in jail before he gets into worse trouble.

  • sdf

    Her first mistake was naming him Jaquario. Black women need to cut out the foolishness and giving their children a losing hand before they get even get started!

  • Team Shelby

    I applaud the mother for turning her son in. She did the right thing which is often the hardest thing. I believe if all parents of all races would start doing this, over time the problems with our youth would get a lot better.

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