Gas prices hit eight-year high in time for summer travel

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MEMPHIS,Tenn. -- People are filling their tanks, and draining their wallets.

Helen Williams travels all around the area for work, and it isn't cheap.

"Oh, about $75 to $80 depending on where we get it from."

That's how much Williams and her paint crew pays every other day to fill up a truck. They're always on the hunt for the lowest prices in town.

"I know exactly where to go. It's like a routine thing for us everyday."

Prices vary about 30 cents across town, but it doesn't matter where you go, you're still paying record amounts for gasoline. The national average is $3.67 a gallon, which is an eight-year high.

Chris Watson was shocked to hear this.

"Oh man! What are they going to do?"

Williams just laughed.

"I remember when we would put 50 cents in and ride around all day."

Those days are long gone. These days, Mid-Southerners say it's all about planning these prices into your budget.

"Going to church, going to work picking the kids up, taking the kids to practice or whatever it is, you have to set a limit with driving," Watson said.

The highest price so far this year nationally averages $3.70 a gallon for regular. That was set on April 28th.

Here in Memphis, the average price for regular is $3.45, and we may see those prices go up again by the end of the month.

"It seems like everything hit when Katrina hit. They said it was going to get better, but it's only got worse," Williams said.

Some people say instead of buying the gas, consider taking the bus. It's much cheaper than a gallon of gas.

"You may have to sweat a little minute waiting for the bus but once you get on and get you a little AC it will be alright."


    • Thomas H. Evans

      Some people take every opportunity to take shots at the president when if they would only take a minute to look at what happens every year at travel time. As we get close to “any” major Holiday the prices at the Pump and Airlines go up, and if you would take the time to do a little research you would know that; but I know where you are coming from Fred, “My Brothers Keeper!”

  • StopIt

    >>>>>>>>>> I WILL have several GAS PUMPS set up on Mt.Moriah & Hickory Hill.. 5pm Fri – 6pm Sun. FEEL FREE TO COME OUT AND FILL UP. GAS @$2.50 @GALLON (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) (REGULAR GAS ONLY)

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