Dead and dying dogs dumped in neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Amber Sowell woke up to a battered and bruised dog lying on her front porch.

“Her eye was infected, and her ear was tore up like someone’s been biting on it,” said Sowell.

Sowell said someone keeps dropping off dogs, some sick, others dead, on Egypt-Central Road in the middle of the night, “It was right on the yellow line, like someone had dropped it out the window and a beagle was in it.”

Brenda Jenkins thinks they’re losers in dog fights, and this neighborhood has become their dumping ground whether dead, sick, or just unwanted.

“We’ve called the mayor’s office, everywhere”, said Jenkins.

The images are way too graphic to show you, but there are dog carcasses not only off the road, but even in the middle of it.

Some have already started to decompose, backing up claims by neighbors that they’ve been here for weeks.

“I’ve never got anyone on the phone when I call animal removal,”said Sowell.

WREG called the mayor’s chief of staff, who immediately got a crew out to look at the situation, and promised the dogs would be removed.

He also instructed all citizens to use the Mayor’s 311 line to report anything like this so it can get handled quickly.


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