Parvo causing further restrictions at MAS

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For at least the next four weeks, Memphis Animal Services will not allow any off site adoptions or Pet for Life Spay and Neuter surgeries.

Adoptions are the facility are taking place.

Dr. Rebecca Coleman said MAS is still dealing with a Parvo outbreak discovered last Friday.

So far, 14 dogs have been euthanized.

Paravovirus is highly contagious and causes moderate to sever vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Treatment is variable but typically includes fluid therapy, antibiotics and anti-vomiting medication.

All unvaccinated dogs are at risk of infection with the virus.

Rescue groups have taken several dozen dogs to prevent further infections.




  • Sylvia Cox

    Yes, thank you for covering this latest issue at MAS.

    Director Rogers allowed a ‘spay/neuter’ event (family owned pets brought in for free spay/neuter and vaccinations) to take place on Sunday, June 15, while the shelter was still being cleaned and disinfected. He insisted the event take place even over the objections of shelter staff.

    Allowing 9 family-owned pets into the shelter and putting them at risk of exposure to the Parvo virus was reckless. The ‘event’ could have been easily postponed / rescheduled. If those pets were exposed to Parvo, they could carry it into their own communities and risk infection of more pets.

    This is another example of the poor administration practices of MAS Director James Rogers. He has no shelter experience and no knowledge of modern, pro-active sheltering policies to help PREVENT outbreaks of Parvo and other diseases.

    Mayor Wharton needs to remove Rogers and appoint another shelter director, someone with shelter and animal control experience, someone who has knowledge of (and has implemented) current, modern shelter practices and policies.

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